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Jewellery Storage Solutions

If you're in the habit of browsing all the jewellery and watches available on Groupon each day, you might be building up quite the collection. Taking care of it is the tricky part. Luckily, Groupon also offers plenty of jewellery storage solutions and accessories, whether it's a stylish jewellery box to keep your earrings organized or a cleaning kit to help maintain a diamond's sparkle.

Jewellery Organizers and Whimsical Stands

Unless you have enough jewellery to sleep on a mountain of it, you probably need a way to keep your hoard organized. Groupon's boxes and holders range from travel-sized jewellery organizers to wall-mounted shelves. jewellery stands can be both practical and quirky, too, as seen by finger-shaped ring stands, ceramic tree branches from which to drape your necklaces, and sets of colourful earring boxes shaped like macaroons. For men's jewellery, a wooden desktop valet is a helpful companion for storing watches, rings, or even your smartphone.

Cleaning Supplies and Accessories

Groupon's inventory of cleaners and accessories can help you maintain your collection—especially if you have a lot of vintage jewellery. Keeping an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner close to your collection gives you a way to polish your pieces in minutes, while velvet pouches keep precious earrings from tarnishing between wears. A jeweller's magnifying glass (a loupe, for those who like to win on trivia night) makes it easier to fix a broken clasp, add a chain extender to a hand-me-down necklace (also available on Groupon), or find markings on a piece of unfamiliar silver.