Scotland's third-largest city, Aberdeen, is culturally, historically and economically significant both within Scotland itself and in the wider UK. The University of Aberdeen, which was founded in 1495, is one of the oldest in the English-speaking world. Historically, the city's economy was based on fishing, shipbuilding, paper making and textile mills. In recent decades, these industries have been edged out by more modern industries, including electronic design and development, agricultural research and the oil industry. These rapid modern changes match the city's burgeoning beauty scene, so if you think it's time to give your style a new lease of life, there are plenty of hairdressers in Aberdeen to choose from. If you're looking to save money at the same time, why not check out all the Aberdeen hairdressers offering great deals at Groupon?

Treat yourself to a great new look!

Like all large cities, Aberdeen has a thriving style and beauty sector. Whether you're looking for a new do, or just want to keep your old one in trim, you can find the best hairdressers Aberdeen has to offer in accordance with your needs. Next to the Academy Shopping Centre on Schoolhill, you'll find James Dun's House. All the stylists working their magic there are trained in the latest colouring and precision-cutting techniques, creating fabulous hairstyles tailored to the customer's needs. Five minutes from the city centre, on Willowbank Road, is Vanilla Style, which offers a similar range of treatments. Customers will receive a free consultation to be sure to get just the hairstyle they want.

Find your new favourite hair stylist in Aberdeen

Joan Crawford, best known as a starlet from the Golden Era of Hollywood, once claimed that "the most important thing a woman can have, next to talent, is her hairdresser". Well, times have changed and this is true for many men nowadays, too, but the sentiment remains intact: a good hairdresser is priceless. If you're looking for a new stylist, there's sure to be one waiting for you in Aberdeen. The family-run local hair salon Ellee's Hair Design on Holburn Street have been running for six years. They offer clients great and personal service from the moment they enter to the moment they leave. There's also Oxygen Hairdressing on Rosemount Place, whose gurus provide a professional and affordable service for a wide variety of clients.

From independent boutiques to nationwide chains

Everyone has a preference for the kind of salon they want and there are Aberdeen hairdressers for every type of style. If you like to support local businesses, then check out Beautylicious on Rosemount Viaduct. The 2015 regional winners of the Scottish Independent Retail Awards are staffed by some of the industry's most experienced and qualified staff. If you prefer a more established hairdresser, Aberdeen boasts three salons from nationwide chain Saks, each offering a full range of services and L'Oreal Colour Specialists that hair enthusiasts have come to know and love.

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