Ice skating is not an activity just reserved for when the weather is cold and snowy. You can go ice skating in Bath all year round! Bath has a dazzling array of ice rinks to choose from, and you can get money off at them all with our Bath ice skating vouchers! These vouchers entitle you and your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else you choose to bring, to up to seventy percent off the usual price of ice skating in Bath. You don't even need to own your own ice skates: these can be hired at all venues, and fit all sizes. The wonderful facilities for ice skating in Bath cater for all levels of expertise, from those who cling to the railings as they gingerly skate along, to those whose moves on the ice could put professional dancers to shame! So scoop up as many vouchers as you want from Groupon and get ready for some fabulous discounted skating now! Hurry though, our leisure offers are very appealing to people of all ages and abilities, so make sure to get your vouchers for ice skating in Bath as soon as you can!

Ice skating in Bath is a real treat

At Groupon we think there's nothing more romantic than holding hands as you glide together over the ice, gently stopping each other from falling. There's nothing more hilarious than going out with a gaggle of friends, strapping on your ice skates and slipping about all over the place! In short, there's nothing like ice skating in Bath! Get your vouchers, and get vouchers for those you know, and make sure to check out our other leisure offers for some more brilliant discounts!

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