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Restaurants in Bath: things to know before you go

Bath is an elegant city – both owing to its Roman and Georgian architecture and its fine dining scene. While thermal spas might draw in the tourists, for the locals it's all about the food and drink. Here’s your guide to restaurants in the city.

What’s the best restaurant in Bath for lunch?

Bath’s eateries include upmarket restaurants, hipster bars and excellent vegan restaurants serving up delicious veggie treats. Based on reviews by locals on Groupon, here are the best restaurants to grab lunch in Bath:

  • Mantra Progressive Cuisine. This Indian restaurant, a stone’s throw away from the Museum of Architecture, serves traditional dishes with a modern twist. The décor’s light and airy, and if the weather’s good you can enjoy your lunch on the terrace overlooking the city.
  • Green Park Brasserie. This legendary restaurant has become a Bath institution. Lunchtime’s the ideal hour to visit, with some sublime dishes available at great prices. They offer the ‘brasserie classics’ lunch menu alongside a lighter deli menu.
  • The Old Crown Inn. Located just a few miles outside the city centre in Kelston, this rustic pub feels like a world away from Bath city centre. Nestled in the Cotswold countryside, this 15th century inn boasts old beams, open fires and polished flagstones – but the menu straddles homemade classics and contemporary British cuisine.

What’s the best evening restaurant in Bath?

Bath has been moving at its own pace for centuries, with its rich culture dating back beyond the Roman era. Food is as much a part of its identity as its graceful architecture. Here are a few restaurants in Bath regarded as the best by locals:

  • La Taverna Grill Bistro is a firm favourite among Groupon users and often has some of the best restaurant deals in Bath. The kitchen team blends Mediterranean and Italian classics, and meat lovers will be thrilled by the selection from the grill.
  • Yak Yeti Yak claims to have been the first Nepalese restaurant in the UK. One way or another, with its light fragrant curries and steamed dumplings – as well as eclectic décor drawn from the owner’s home village – it’s a firm favourite among locals. This is also one of the best vegan restaurants in Bath, with some mouthwatering options on the menu.
  • The Clifton Sausage has been entrenched in Bath’s food scene since 2002 and offers an array of classic British dishes with a focus on – yes, you guessed it – sausages. With friendly service and a surprisingly romantic ambience for a restaurant with ‘sausage’ in its name, you’re on to a winner.

How many restaurants are there in Bath?

According to the Food Standards Agency Bath has 623 eateries. This figure includes restaurants, cafes and canteens ranging from retro cafes to upmarket restaurants and take in a range of cool bars, characterful old inns and modern gastropubs in between.

How much should you tip in British restaurants?

Unlike in North America, there’s no hard fast rule on how much you should tip in the UK. In a restaurant with table service the convention is to leave around 10% of the total bill. In a café or canteen it falls more to the diner’s discretion.

It’s not expected that you’ll tip bar staff, although saying “get one for yourself” as you pay certainly isn’t unheard of. Watch out though, that equates to different things in different places, and some restaurants will add a service charge to your bill anyway.