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Restaurants in Belfast: things to know before you go

The Northern Irish capital has undergone a renaissance in recent years, transitioning into a hotspot for culture. The food scene has blossomed too and falls squarely into this list of best things to do in Belfast. Read on to find out more about the best restaurants near you.

What are the best restaurants in Belfast?

Belfast’s restaurant scene covers affordable eats, vegan restaurants, fine dining and cuisine from a large chunk of the world’s countries. Here are some of Groupon users’ favourites:

  • Ambience champions Irish cuisine made with the freshest local produce possible, offering laid back dining delivered with style and class.
  • Solo Restaurant is a comfy spot near Victoria Street Station that blends Indian food with European cuisine.
  • AM:PM Bohemian Restaurant with its chandeliers and plants pouring from the ceiling, it feels like F. Scott Fitzgerald might be lurking at the bar.

Which are the best Indian restaurants in Belfast?

Belfast’s Indian restaurants are consistently rated highly by Groupon users, but these are three of the best across the city:

  • India Gate is just around the corner from Great Victoria Street Station and delivers all the traditional tastes of India in a breezy modern setting.
  • Sonali’s is located on Lisburn Road and known for its great service and mouthwatering meat fresh from the grill.
  • Moghul is tucked away on Botanic Avenue and has been delivering big flavours – with bigger smiles – since 1986.

Which are the best cafés in Belfast?

Whether you want an espresso that’s like an electric shock to the brain, or somewhere cosy to chow down your fry-up, the city centre has an array of great restaurants and cool cafés to meet your needs. These are three of the best cafés in Belfast:

  • Ambrosia Caffe & Ristorante is a bistro first and a coffee shop second, but the espresso served at the coffee bar is excellent. If you choose to linger, you’ll find fantastic Italian food on the lunch and dinner menus.
  • Maggie May’s is a cosy little spot with wooden booths, murals adorning the walls and plenty of students chomping through an all-day breakfast menu that includes pancakes, waffles and a classic Ulster Fry.
  • Established Coffee is one of the best café-style restaurants in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter area – serving up tasty brunch options and light bites.

What are some traditional recipes and dishes to order at a Belfast restaurant?

Northern Irish cuisine offers some great dishes. It’s the sort of food that would be broadly recognisable over the Irish Sea, but comes with a unique twist. Here are some of the best dishes hailing from Northern Ireland that you’re sure to find in Belfast’s best British restaurants:

  • Ulster Fry – marketed as Northern Ireland’s version of a full English, but traditionally eaten any time of day
  • Dulse – a seaweed snack food
  • Yellow man – crunchy confectionary that’s a bit like honeycomb
  • Vegetable roll – slices of peppery minced beef flavoured with leek, onion and carrot
  • Potato cake – a griddled flatbread made with potato, flour, and buttermilk.
  • Boxty – a hefty potato cake made with a 50/50 mix of mashed potatoes and grated raw potato
  • Fifteens – a tray bake that’s a bit like rocky road, named for using 15 of each ingredient