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Redefine yourself with a new hairstyle to stand out from the Cardiff crowd. Whether you’re looking for a fresh trim, a statement cut or want to go bold with colour, the Welsh capital has plenty of salons waiting to make your vision come to life. From Cardiff Bay to the suburbs, discover hairdresser vouchers across the city and find one that slots into your lifestyle.

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Hairdressers in Cardiff: things to know before you go

Redefine your look with a new cut, style and colour by finding a hairdresser near you. Check out our answers to some commonly asked questions.

Where are the best hairdressers in Cardiff?

From celebrity hairdressers to chic boutiques, there are salons catering to every taste in Cardiff. These are some of the most highly rated hairdressers in Cardiff:

  • The Hair Sanctuary. A short walk from Waterloo Gardens is the Hair Sanctuary. This Roath salon is the place to go for a hair transformation, with treatments including balayage and Keratin blow-dries.
  • Maine Hair Studios. Close to Cardiff University, Maine Hair Studios is a salon with industrial vibes – think big lighting and exposed brickwork. Here you can get contemporary styles, cuts and colours, in the comfort of soft leather chairs.
  • Mwah Cardiff. You can’t get more central than this – tucked in the Castle Quarter only a short walk away from Cardiff Bay.
  • Bauhaus. It’s sleek, sophisticated and central. For fashionable hair at affordable prices, Bauhaus is a must. Plus, they’re open late – handy for swinging by post-work.

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How often should I get my hair cut?

For ladies with long to medium length hair, getting it cut every 8-12 weeks is usually recommended. For shorter hair, you might want to get it cut more often to keep your style looking sharp – around every 6-8 weeks. According to The New York Times, most men book into the barber for a haircut on average every 3-6 weeks.

If you apply regular treatments to your hair, such as permanent hair straightening or hair dye, you may need to cut your hair more regularly to help keep it healthy.

Depending on time, costs and the maintenance of your chosen do, you might end up going more or less than the average. Check out our deals for hairdressers in Cardiff and get your next appointment in the diary.

How to prepare for a new hairstyle?

If you’re thinking about getting a new hairstyle, your face shape is key. If your face shape is:

  • Rectangular – go for waves, curls, a layered or rounded style, or a curtain fringe.
  • Oval – a bob, subtle layers, or long waves, will work.
  • Square – long layers, a bob with layers, side partings or side bangs are recommended.
  • Heart – try a bob, pixie cut, long cut side partings or waves starting below the ear.
  • Round – you might consider a pixie cut, side fringe or long cut with layers.

What are the negative effects of dying your hair?

Whether you’re getting some highlights or going for a new colour altogether, there are some risks you should be aware of because of the chemicals involved:

  • Dryness
  • Split ends
  • Weakened hair
  • Decreased elasticity

Alongside negative effects for your hair, there are also health risks. Contact dermatitis is a common allergic reaction to paraphenylenediamine – a chemical in dyes. It can cause irritated, dry, red skin, or more severe reactions. Get a patch test before treatment to reduce the risk of any unexpected flare ups.