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Gyms in Edinburgh

Discover great Gyms deals near you


If you’re looking to get in shape but hiking up Arthur’s Seat isn’t your ideal way to burn off the calories, we’ve got an alternative that’s easy on your wallet – and your willpower. Groupon’s extensive range of vouchers for gyms near you in Edinburgh will let you sign up, show up and start at the time of your choosing. Fit in a fitness class after work or spend some serious time on the treadmills at the weekend – the choice is yours.

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One or Six Months of Gym Membership at Origins Fitness (Up to 74% Off)
One-Month Gym Membership
Hillington Park 45.8 km
£35.00 from £14.00
60% discount_off
Bio-Resonance Hair Sample Test for 700 Items at Intolerance Lab (38% Off)
Bio-Resonance Hair Sample Test
£47.00 £29.00
38% discount_off
Bio-Resonance Hair Test Choice of Package for up to 850 Items from Check My Body Health (Up to 81% Off)
Bio-Resonance Hair Test Package
£65.00 from £19.00
70% discount_off
Bio-Resonance Hair Test Choice of Package for up to 850 Items from Check My Body Health (Up to 81% Off)
Bio-Resonance Hair Test Package
£99.00 from £25.00
74% discount_off
Three Months or One Year of Unlimited Online Yoga from The Yoga Collective (Up to 88% Off)
Online Yoga Subscriptions
£34.69 from £5.00
85% discount_off
Bio-Resonance Hair Test on food, vitamins and minerals from Intolerance Lab (46%Off)
Food, vitmains and mineral bio-resonance test
£65.00 £35.00
46% discount_off
One or Three Sessions of Weight Management Hypnotherapy with Gillian Dalgliesh (Up to 75% Off)
Weight Management Hypnotherapy
Stockbridge 0.7 km
£91.66 from £24.00
73% discount_off
Six Weeks of Salsa for Beginners or RegueTONE™ Classes at Orí Dance Academy, Four Locations (Up to 49% Off)
Six Weeks of Salsa for Beginners
Multiple Locations 0.3 km
£35.00 from £18.00
48% discount_off
Five Yoga or Pilates Passes, Multiple Locations
Five Yoga or Pilates Passes
Multiple Locations 0.3 km
from £5.00
Spinal Exam With Two Treatments for £33 at Pain & Posture Wellness Centre
Spinal Treatments
Falkirk 23.0 km
Basic or Expanded Bio Resonance Hair Test at About Wellness (Up to 69% Off)
Bio Resonance Hair Test
£50.00 from £25.00
50% discount_off
One or Two Electric Muscle Stimulation Sessions with Body Scan Report at Bodystreet Edinburgh (Up to 52% Off)
EMS Personal Training Session with Body Scan Report
Edinburgh 1.5 km
£19.99 from £9.90
20+ bought
50% discount_off
Sessions from £49 at Hypnotherapy Now (Up to 67% Off)
Hypnotherapy Sessions 65% Off
Edinburgh 1.8 km
£140.00 from £49.00
65% discount_off
Five or Ten Kickboxing Classes at Edinburgh Assassins Kickboxing EAK
Five Kickboxing Classes
Edinburgh 1.3 km
from £10.00
Two or Five Personal Training Sessions at Athlete Training Systems (Up to 72% Off)
Two Personal Training Sessions
Edinburgh 2.4 km
£40.00 from £12.00
70% discount_off
Three or Six Sessions of Laser Lipolysis at Slimfreeze UK (Up to 78% Off)
Laser Lipolysis
Edinburgh 0.5 km
£228.00 from £59.00
74% discount_off
Naturopathy Online Diploma from Online Academies (90% Off)
Naturopathy Online Course
£199.99 £19.00
90% discount_off
Accredited Master Herbalist Online Course from International Open Academy (84% Off)
Master Herbalist Online Course
£99.00 £16.00
83% discount_off
Online Beginner Yoga Master Class with 16 Fundamental Sessions from Skills Success (91% Off)
Beginner Yoga Master Class
£152.00 £14.00
90% discount_off
Three Sessions of Nail Fungus Treatment at Yuu Beauty Glasgow (86% Off)
Nail Fungus Treatment
City Centre 1.7 km
£200.00 £29.00
85% discount_off
Up to 14 Weight Management Sessions at Tina O'Doherty's Inchloss Clinic
Three Weight Management Sessions
Multiple Locations 1.1 km
from £49.00
Crystal Therapy Online Course from International Open Academy (88% Off)
Crystal Therapy Online Course
£99.00 £12.00
87% discount_off
Online Mindfulness Course from JD Courses (93% Off)
Online Mindfulness Course
£299.00 £19.00
93% discount_off
Choice of Bio-Resonance Hair Test by Nutrition to Go (Up to 59% Off)
Bio-Resonance Hair Test 
£65.00 from £29.00
55% discount_off
At-Home Blood Test Female Hormone Checker from Forth Life (38% Off)
Female Hormone Level Blood Test
£64.00 £39.50
40+ bought
38% discount_off
At-Home Blood Test Nutrition Checker from Forth Life (34% Off)
At Home Blood Test, Nutrition Check
£59.00 £39.00
10+ bought
33% discount_off
Weight Management Hypnotherapy: Three Sessions for £89 at Hypnotherapy Now (69% Off)
Weight Management Hypnotherapy
Edinburgh 1.8 km
£285.00 £89.00
68% discount_off

Gyms in Edinburgh: what to know before you go

All the questions you’ve asked about gyms in Edinburgh city centre - answered!

Which are the best value gyms in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh gyms are like shows at the Fringe – so many to choose from! Once you know what you're looking for in a gym, you can start to narrow down your options. Village Gym offers gym, swim and fitness passes, giving access to a state-of-the-art centre with modern equipment, heated pool and spa facilities. With Athlete Training Systems, choose an open one-month or three-month gym membership plus personal training to help boost strength and stamina.

How can I prepare for a boxing class?

If you’ve decided to get fighting fit, boxing classes can help boost your cardio – and are a fun way to vent some frustrations too! Check out these handy tips for how to get started:

  • Get equipped. Choose non-restrictive comfortable sportswear and suitable trainers. When the gloves are on, it’ll be tough to make adjustments to your clothing.
  • Wrap your hands. You'll be throwing more than a few punches, so take care of your wrists and hands with good quality, well-fitting hand wraps and gloves.
  • Stay hydrated. It's important to keep hydrated during exercise, especially with a more physical activity like boxing, so have some water with you at all times.
  • Don't eat beforehand. Classes can be intense, so a big meal beforehand won't do you any favours. Choose a banana instead, and save the meal for the post-match refuelling.
  • Do your homework. It helps to have an understanding of the moves before you go, so read up on the basics in order to follow instructions easily during class.

What do I need for the gym?

You don't need much to have a good workout at the gym, but these essentials will help you be mentally prepared and ready to make each session a good one:

  • Sportswear. Choose appropriate clothing and footwear for the fitness class or exercises you plan to do.
  • Change of clothes. You're likely to sweat, so spare clothes are handy if you plan to shower.
  • Towel. It'll keep you cool, and you can use it to dry equipment for the next user.
  • Gym bag. You'll need one to hold your gym kit – especially for holding it at arm’s length after a good sweat.
  • Water bottle. Handy for staying hydrated in classes and during long workouts.
  • Fitness tracker. Great for keeping an eye on your vitals during workouts, and monitoring your progress over time.
  • Headphones. Prepare a playlist. The right music can help you get in the mood and focus.

What are the most popular exercise classes?

If you attend a leisure gym in Edinburgh, you'll find many fitness classes to choose from. Taking different classes will help keep your routine interesting and work different parts of your body. Here are some popular classes to pick from:

  • Aerial yoga. Combines traditional yoga postures and dance with the intriguing use of a hammock.
  • Crossfit. A hardcore conditioning class consisting of calisthenics, weightlifting and aerobic exercise.
  • Barre. Uses a series of classical ballet movements with focus on form, alignment and core.
  • Spinning. Indoor stationary cycling, with all the challenges of endurance and intensity offered by outdoor cycling.
  • Circuit training. A series of exercises targeting muscle endurance and strength building.