Men spend an average of five months shaving in their lifetime. Make a trip to one of the barbers in Edinburgh and you could lower this figure. One of the oldest barbers in the city is James Wood and Sons, or Wood’s for short. Established in 1890, Wood’s have been cutting Edinburgh men’s hair for over one hundred years. If you want to train to become a hairdresser, the best place to go is Edinburgh College. They provide certificate training for hairdressers. You can also get your hair done for a fraction of the price at their academy.

Try One of the Best Hairdressers Edinburgh Has to Offer

Women produce an average of 10 miles of hair per year. There are a number of salons in Edinburgh that also specialise in hairdressing (to trim those miles!). For a full day of pampering, book a massage, visit a nail salon for a manicure, then treat yourself to a haircut.

Celebrity Hairdressers in Edinburgh

One of the hairdressers Edinburgh can be proud of is Denise McAdam. Known as ‘The first female celebrity hairdresser’, Denise is a hairdresser to the stars and came to notoriety when she styled the Duchess of York's hair for her wedding to Prince Andrew. Denise’s famous clients also include Grace Kelly, Joan Collins and Rod Stewart. Did you know that 13% of the Scottish population has red hair? (The global average is 1%!). You don’t need a celebrity hairstylist to change your look; get that Scottish red hair cut with Groupon deals for colour and highlights or even just a blowdry and notice the difference today.

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