Booking a Restaurant in Leeds

Though Leeds is a compact city, with many of the restaurants located a short walk from one another, booking online is always advised. The Leeds Restaurant Guide - which claims to be the most extensive resource of Leeds restaurants on the Internet - is an excellent place to start. The Leeds Restaurant Guide also has an added feature of a free downloadable e-book, which is available to read in offline format. For booking the table at your selected restaurant, Open Table is a fast, efficient way of doing so.

Where to Eat at the Trinity Centre Leeds

Though shopping malls are not generally associated with great food, the Trinity Centre in Leeds offers many top quality restaurants all under one roof. The Alchemist and Craft House being two of the most notable. While The Alchemist's name comes from it's extensive cocktail menu, be sure to try an after dinner espresso martini which comes in a smoking glass. It also offers a classic range of food at mid-range prices. Craft House offers a contemporary dining experience, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a distinct focus on modern British cuisine. Other restaurants located in the Trinity Centre are Cosomo, a pan-Asian banquet dining experience, and Rola Wala, serving delicious Indian street food in a casual setting. All the menus and opening hours can be found via the Trinity Leeds website.

Where to Eat on a Budget in Leeds

People who live in Leeds swear by The Pig. Though it may look like your regular run of the mill cafe, it's pulled pork sandwiches and brisket burgers are anything but ordinary. All the dishes here are extremely reasonably priced and it has great coffee from a local producer; North Star. They don't have a website but you can check out their Facebook page. The Belgrave Music Hall isn't strictly a restaurant but they serve up some fantastic food in even better surroundings. This micro-brewery art space serves up juicy burgers and pizza slices. It has an excellent rooftop with plenty of seating and cozy huts with blankets, which you can relax in on a chilly evening.

Indian Food at Leeds Restaurants

Leeds has a wealth of top international food, but none is better then the selection of Indian restaurants across the city. Akbars is an institution in Leeds, and it's no surprise once you've tasted the quality of the food. It has won several awards, including the English Curry Award in 2013, for it's authentic classic and south Indian dishes. The similarly named Aagrah is another top curry house in Leeds. The restaurant, which has become very popular across the north of England, also offers early bird specials, and on selected evenings they have an all-you-can-eat buffet service, so make sure you look out for that.


These awesome vouchers will save you money on restaurants in Leeds in Yorkshire, England, enabling you to enjoy cuisine from around the world and will save you money for the attractions in the city of Leeds. Leeds is a beautiful city with many historical buildings and exciting attractions for visitors. This includes the city's many beautiful parks and museums. There are also many Leeds restaurants that will be happy to accept a voucher to help you save money. These include Italian, Spanish, French, Thai, Indian, North African and much more. A voucher for restaurant will be valid at all of these kinds of restaurants.

Amazing Restaurant Offers in Leeds

A voucher for a restaurant provides a great way to spend an evening in Leeds, and will save you money so you can enjoy a nice day out in the city or experience the city's nightlife. The city also has many museums where you can discover the history of the city of Leeds. There are also many attractions just outside of the city as well as stunning countryside in the county of Yorkshire. The city is also is known for its excellent nightlife, with many fantastic clubs and bars as well as live concerts, theatres and other events. So why not grab yourself a voucher or a few vouchers and see how much money you can save? This amazing offer will not be around forever so take advantage of it today, and save yourself some money!

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