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Photo Sessions in London

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A professional photographer in London can help you create long-lasting memories and capture any special occasion, so you can remember it forever. London’s specialist photographers work in everything from weddings to fashion shoots, so there’s something for every need. We’ve got a selection of vouchers for London’s finest photographers, great for saving you money or to treat friends and family to their own glamour shoot. Find out more from what’s on offer near you below.

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18-Module Online Certified Photography Course from iPhotography for £49 (90% Off)
Online Photography Course
£499.00 £49.00
90% discount_off
Up to 3 Hour London Photography Workshop with Photography Tours at Night (Up to 80% Off)
Night Photography Tour of London
Multiple Locations 0.5 km
£100.00 from £24.95
75% discount_off
Painting Experience on Special Objects for One or Two at Liberté Concept (Up to 43% Off)
Painting Experience on Special Objects
London 3.2 km
£30.00 from £18.00
40% discount_off
Choice of Two-Hour Evening or Full-Day Sketching Workshops with Frui Creative Holidays & Courses (Up to 73% Off)
Sketching Workshops
Multiple Locations 0.6 km
£89.00 from £24.00
73% discount_off
Glass Engraving and Etching Workshop for One or Two at  Midas Touch Crafts (Up to 76% Off)
Glass Engraving Workshop
Multiple Locations 1.3 km
£100.00 from £29.00
71% discount_off
Two-Hour Watercolour Workshop for One or Two from Mindful Creative Classes by Makings and Musings (40% Off)
Watercolour Painting Workshop
London 6.0 km
£35.00 from £20.95
40% discount_off
Shoreditch Street Photography Course For One (£25) or Two (£39) with IDMA (Up to 74% Off)
Shoreditch Street Photography Course
Shoreditch High St Station 2.4 km
£75.00 from £25.00
66% discount_off
Introductory Art, Drawing, Watercolour or Oil Painting Class at London Art School (Up to 40% Off)
Introductory Art Class
London 7.6 km
£25.00 from £15.00
10+ bought
40% discount_off
Two-Hour Graffiti Class with Canvas for Two Children or Two Adults at Graffik Gallery (Up to 35% Off)
Two-Hour Graffiti Class
London 3.6 km
£60.00 from £39.00
35% discount_off
Choice of Three Best Locations Tours of London with Photography Tours at Night (Up to 76% Off)
Night Photography Tours of London
London 0.6 km
£50.00 from £12.00
76% discount_off
Drawing and illustration for Beginners Online Course from International Open Academy (81% Off)
Online Drawing Course
£99.00 £19.00
80% discount_off
Paul Hames Photography: Beginners' Workshop (£39) or Shoot and Edit Workshop (£79) (Up to 68% Off)
Photography Workshop, South Bank
London 1.1 km
£120.00 from £39.00
67% discount_off
Three-Hour Street Photography Course at The International Digital Media Academy (Up to 65% Off)
Street Photography Course
Shoreditch High St Station 2.4 km
£75.00 from £27.00
64% discount_off
Wedding Photography Online Course from Live Online Academy (Up to 97% Off)
Wedding Photography Online Course
£395.00 £9.00
97% discount_off
Three-Hour Smart Phone Street Photography Workshop for One or Two with The International Digital Media Academy (67% Off)
Smart Phone/Tablet Photography Workshop
Shoreditch High St Station 2.4 km
£75.00 from £25.00
66% discount_off
Beginner or Intermediate Photography Course with Frui Creative Holidays & Courses (Up to 67% Off)
Photography Courses
Multiple Locations 0.6 km
£89.00 from £29.00
67% discount_off
Fashion Photography Online Course from Contempo Learning (94% Off)
Fashion Photography Online Course
£299.00 £16.00
94% discount_off
Tailor-Made Self-Guided Photography Tour at Worldwide Locations with Photography Tours At Night for £19 (68% Off)
Tailor-Made Photography Tour
London 5.9 km
£59.00 £19.00
67% discount_off
Cartoon Making Online Course from JD Courses (87% Off)
Cartoon Making Online Course
£129.00 £16.00
87% discount_off
Street Photography Workshop for £29 With Paul Hames Photography
Street Photography Workshop
London 1.1 km
from £29.00
Night Lights Photography Walk from £24 with Frui (65% Off)
Night Photography Walk
Multiple Locations 0.6 km
£69.00 from £24.00
65% discount_off
Sundown or Travel Photography Course with Frui Creative Holidays & Courses (62% Off)
Travel Photography Course
Multiple Locations 0.6 km
£89.00 from £34.00
61% discount_off

Photographers in London: things to know before you go

From baby snaps to wedding albums, we’ve got everything you need to know about photographers in London locked down.

What is the average price of a wedding photographer in the UK?

The amount you can expect to pay for wedding photography varies hugely, but a 2018 survey found that, on average, couples spend £1,560 on the photos for their big day.

In the north-east, you’ll find the cheapest deal on wedding photographers, where it drops to £1,100, but in the south-west, the average spend was £1,700. For a wedding photographer in London you should expect to be on the higher end of the scale.

It’s worth noting that you’re not just paying for the hours your photographer spends at the wedding. You’re also paying for use of their expensive equipment and a day or two of editing time after your big day to make those photos pop, be it on social media or in the pages of your wedding album.

Still, that £1,560 might look like a lot on top of your food and other catering costs.

What is documentary-style photography?

Documentary style photography is a type of photography that records events in a way that shows a narrative. It lends itself to news coverage but can equally be applied to amateur, artistic or academic pursuits.

The term is sometimes used to describe photography that captures a story and might be the chosen photography style at a family event like a christening or a wedding.

Related, but not exactly the same, is photojournalistic photography. This term tends to apply more to breaking news stories, while documentary photography might aim to capture events over a longer period of time. You might, however, see either term applied to commercial photography. Either style could be a great way for a photographer to capture an event that’s important to you.

What are the different types of photographer in London?

Professional photographers in London are available for weddings, fashion shoots, headshots and so much more. For instance, did you know that you can book a professional shoot for your pet ?

Or how about something a bit weird and wonderful, such as an old-fashioned photoshoot complete with costumes? Or maybe you just want to look really good in a shoot that comes with a makeover as part of the package. Whether you want to share your photos with the world or have something just for you, there’s a photographer ready to find your best angle near you.

What different types of wedding photography are there?

Nowadays, there are plenty of different wedding photography styles to pick from, so you can dream bigger than the classic set of poses we all know and love. Here are a few of your options:

  • Traditional wedding photography – you’ve seen this a lot. The happy couple, family and guests lined up outside the a photobooth on the big day.
  • Contemporary – inspired by fashion photography. It still involves some poses but tends to be more relaxed and natural looking.
  • Documentary (or reportage) – this style tells the story of your big day with a course of candid shots.
  • Illustrative – a little like contemporary, but with an emphasis on landscape. Usually used for post-ceremony shots.
  • Fine art – usually mixed in with other styles, this will involve creative compositions, framing, lighting and unique post-production.