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Restaurants in Sheffield: things to know before you go

A big regeneration project and a boom in independent businesses has given Sheffield renewed confidence on the national stage. The city’s food and drink scene has certainly benefitted, so we’ve answered all your questions about restaurants in Sheffield right here.

What are the top-rated restaurants in Sheffield?

You won’t struggle to find a good meal in Sheffield. The restaurant scene still definitely has a foot in the traditional British food scene, but ethnic cuisines and interesting new offerings influenced by street food are shining through, too. Here are some of its top-rated eateries.

  • Parthenonas is a favourite with Groupon users in Sheffield and brings traditional Greek favourites such as moussaka and souvlaki to the steel city’s London Road. It’s a proper old school family restaurant, and all the better for it.
  • Craft and Dough has two Sheffield locations now, and at both they pay laser-focused attention to each and every detail of their pizzas. The wide selection of local craft ales is just an added benefit.
  • The Stag Restaurant at the Devonshire Arms in Handley is a little way out from the city centre, but worth the trip if you’re treating yourself. It offers fine dining in a casual setting, with a great range of ale, wine and champagne.

Where’s the best place in Sheffield for lunch?

You can’t go far wrong with lunch in Sheffield. There’s always something good on offer at the city’s best cafés and street food places.

  • Street Food Chef, as the name suggests, started life as a food truck but has since moved into several locations to set up Mexican canteens. Fresh, fast, affordable burritos, tacos and quesadillas are the name of the game here.
  • Blue Moon Café serves up an ever-changing menu of veggie and vegan delights from an incredible heritage space with a huge atrium roof.
  • Marmaduke’s is cramped, chaotic and a lot of fun. It’s a favourite restaurant in Sheffield city centre and cooks up a mean brunch. Ask about any of the food they’re selling and they’ll probably have a story about the local producers who grew and made it.

What does Henderson’s Relish taste like?

You’ll find Henderson’s Relish on the tables of many Sheffield town centre restaurants. It has the consistency of Lea and Perrins, but the flavour is more like a sweeter and more acidic version of brown sauce.

Henderson’s Relish has started to make it beyond the city limits of Sheffield, but only relatively recently. It now has its own flavour of crisps, and Leeds brewery Northern Monk recently made a ‘Bloody Mary Porter’ with it. In Sheffield, it goes on everything except your cornflakes. Most importantly, though, it’s essential for any savoury pie.

Henderson’s Relish is either the city’s most important or second-most important product, depending on who you ask (the other is Sheffield steel).

What are some traditional Yorkshire foods I can order at a restaurant?

Ask most people about Yorkshire food and they’ll tell you about Yorkshire pudding and parkin, but there’s far more to it than that. Those two dishes do tell you something about the spirit of the food that Yorkshire folk used to eat though – it was hearty stuff made with local produce that was cooked to feed hungry agricultural workers.

Knaresborough Picnic Pie, for example, is a sturdy concoction of ham, eggs and cheese that probably shouldn’t be eaten without consulting your doctor first. Or Moggy is a heavy cake that might date back to the arrival of the Vikings, and is basically the product of throwing a lot of sugar and ginger at flour and butter.