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Best Evening Classes in Glasgow for a New Hobby

BY: Laura Pearson Smith | 7 Jan 2015
Best Evening Classes in Glasgow for a New Hobby

Glasgow has a huge range of evening classes and community groups for nearly every hobby you can think of. This is a guide to the best places to take advantage of a new year by taking up a new hobby in Glasgow. Whether you want to pick up the knitting needles, or get some green fingers, there is somewhere just waiting for you to join in my list of hobby ideas.


A great way to relax and pick up a new skill is by taking a sewing class. It doesn’t matter whether your aim is to make your own dress designs, or just learn to sew buttons onto your blouse, it’s up to you how far you take it. Sew Confident, is a Glasgow sewing supplies store that runs sewing classes- everything from beginners to dressmaking. The beginner’s class is a 3-day course with lunch included or £155, and will teach you the basics of sewing as you make a tote bag, bunting, zipped make-up bag and a piped cushion. It’s a fun and social environment at Sew Confident, so is a great place to make new friends too.

Evening classes Glasgow - Sewing


Joining the Queen’s Park Camera Club will allow you to be part of an established photographic community who meet every Thursday night. They have their own club building with a studio and digital editing suite, so it’s a great way to take your home photography to the next level. Queen’s Park Camera Club is the oldest photography club in Glasgow and has over 100 members. There is a waiting list of around 1 year from application, so as soon as that clock strikes midnight on 1st January, get that application in and start practising at home to hone your camera skills- get yourself a camera and take up photography on your own while you wait. Then, when it’s your turn, you can take it further and share your passion with other like-minded fans.

Evening classes Glasgow - Photography


If you are a keen online gamer, why not try some offline gaming for a change, and meet some fellow enthusiasts while you’re at it. At the Games Workshop in Glasgow city centre, you can take up the game Warhammer and play in-store with staff and fellow gamers at their popular gaming evenings and tournaments. They also run regular workshops in Warhammer gaming techniques, and how to paint your Warhammer figures, for example. If you are wanting to take up this game, the staff at Games Workshop will help you with everything you need to get you started. Just pop down to the store and join the party.

Evening classes Glasgow - Gaming


Finally, for keen green-fingered plant-lovers, you can take up gardening as a hobby by joining with Urban Roots in Toryglen as a volunteer. You’ll meet a diverse range of people, help develop community gardens, and learn new skills and gardening techniques. They also run gardening courses to develop your knowledge in areas such as growing your own vegetables, bee-keeping and permaculture. All you have to do is contact Urban Roots to see how you can get involved. It’s never too late to learn a new skill.

Evening classes Glasgow - Gardening

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