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Best Places in Glasgow to Take a SELFIE!

BY: Laura Pearson Smith | 6 Nov 2015

Selfie-taking has become an art and global phenomenon. When visiting a new place, a standard landscape snap just doesn't cut it anymore. Selfies are where it's at- you in-front of iconic landmarks and destinations. The invention of gadgets such as selfie sticks are making it possible to get even more of your surroundings in the photo too.

This is a guide to the iconic sights in Glasgow where tourist selfie-taking is simply a must.

The Cone Statue

Everyone in Glasgow has heard of, and seen, the 'cone statue'. It has become the photo hotspot of the city centre ever since someone kept putting a traffic cone on the head of the Duke of Wellington statue at Royal Exchange Square. Eventually, the council gave up trying to remove it and just let it become the famous sight that it is. The cone was even temporarily painted gold during the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.Walk into any tourist shop in Glasgow and you'll see postcards of this 'cone statue' to send home to family and friends, so this is definitely a must-do selfie location.

The Barras

A long-famous Glasgow institution is The Barras- a market selling all kinds of knick-knacks and knock-offs. This East End market opened between the two world wars. It gained its name as 'barra' is Glasgow dialect for 'barrow', and originally, traders sold from wheelbarrows and carts.Personally, I wouldn't venture in as it's not known to be the safest of places; however, you can pretend you were brave and take a selfie at its iconic archway entrance. Then, you can pop to Princes Square for some civilised shopping!

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Back in the city centre, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall steps have become the meeting place 'du jour', and packed lunch spot, for shoppers and workers. They are an iconic sight at the top of famous shopping street Buchanan Street, and the perfect place to grab a sit down. Stand in-front of these (and their accompanying statue of Scotland's first First Minister Donald Dewer) for another iconic Glasgow selfie.If you've arrived in Glasgow as a tourist, you may well have come through Central Station. This visually stunning stone building opened in 1879. It has a famous glass-walled bridge, which bears the station's name, over Argyle Street. The bridge is affectionately nicknamed the 'Hielanman's Umbrella' (Highlandman's Umbrella), as it was once used as a place for visiting highlanders to meet.Image Credit: Sarah Marshall, flickr

It's a bit dark and dingy under the bridge; but outside, with it's iconic green framework in the background, it makes for a perfect Glasgow tourist selfie.

The Armadillo

Finally, in recent years, the riverside of the iconic River Clyde has been fantastically regenerated all around the SECC exhibition centre. We have the famous Clyde Auditorium; known as the 'Armadillo' due to its shape; the flying saucer-like SSE Hydro arena and the stunning Finnieston Crane from Glasgow's days of engineering.

If you stand on Bell's Bridge that runs across the River Clyde, a selfie in different directions will get you a view of all of these sights, and a fantastic perspective on the river itself too.

Photo Credit: Ian Dick, flickr 


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