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On Your Marks: The Best Manchester Bootcamp Classes

BY: Ruth Allan |7 Jan 2016

Want to challenge yourself? Sign up for a boot camp class. These workouts are essentially a type of interval training where you'll be subjected to bursts of explosive activity interchanged with moments of lighter activity, and you can almost always expect to do push-ups, pull-ups, lunges and crunches. Sounds terrifying? It's clichéd, but hard work pays off. Boot camps build strength, endurance and agility that will help you better handle those little curveballs life throws at you. They require little to no specialist equipment, and the fact you'll be joined by other red-faced and sweaty participants will rouse a sense of togetherness that will only push you to work harder. Here’s where you can sign up in Manchester:

Pot Kettle Black's Rooftop PKBlast Sessions

The child of St Helen’s rugby players Jon Wilkin and Mark Flanagan’s Pot Kettle Black is a venture that aims to challenge the current perception of 'good coffee'. However, they wanted expand their offering and thus offer in addition to caffeine boosters rooftop fitness workouts atop of Deansgate's glass-fronted Barton Arcade. Every Tuesday morning between 7am and 7.45am their 'PKBlast' bootcamp sessions are held by trainer Adam Crofts, at a price of £12 that includes breakfast and a coffee or smoothie. Quite a way to punch the day in the face and tell them who's boss.

British Military Fitness: Serious Fun

Classes by the BMF are delivered based on military training, because they are led by former or serving members of the military. 'Civilian-friendly' version of the exercises used to improve and maintain the fitness levels of the British Army are deployed, where individuals' body weights (either their own or their partner's) are their primary equipment. They use this to perform a wide range of individual, partner and team speed, strength , agility and stamina exercises. Their website features loads of videos on basic exercises so you can swat up before your first session, and if you need a bit of extra encouragement, your first class is free. Prices start from £27 a month at one session per week, and classes are available at various locations.


Designed by personal trainer Rich Brodie, Y-Club bootcamp workouts intend to be challenging without being intimidating and being held in their sports hall means you are away from the elements. Various objects are used to create an intense and unique workout, including the tyres and ropes. The sessions are a mix of drills, obstacle courses, individual, partner and group activities, interspersed with low to high intensity exercises and rest periods to keep participants on their toes. The routine is often diverse so you won't get bored, and the trainer will suggest alternative versions of explosive exercises for those that are struggling. Can't do full press ups? Do half press ups. Classes are £5 for non-members and occur every Monday and Thursday morning to get you your blood pumping for the day ahead.


Offering classes in South Manchester, Stockport, Heaton Chapel plus more, Motiv8’s sessions are held outdoors so you can inflate your chest with the crisp air as you endure the mix of cardio and resistance training that relies mainly on your body weight. Targeting those looking to tone, lose weight or improve stamina for sports, Motiv8's classes are instructed by ex-army PTI Gavin McColl and welcome all fitness levels. They promise a rough workout and to push you that little bit harder, but will all the while cause you to crack some laughs and smiles along the way. There are plenty of classes throughout the week at £5 a pop on mornings and evenings as well as on Saturdays - so no excuses!

Mud Boot Camp

Be at one with the elements with these military-style outdoor fitness classes in Bolton, Bury and Radcliffe from Mud Boot Camp. Results are maximised in the outdoor environment by providing varied and challenging sessions but don't fret, instructors will strive to make you feel uncomfortable and of course, training in groups mean you'll quickly get acquainted with new people. There will be opportunities to go on adventures days like military-style assault courses and paint balling and not only that, Mud Boot Camp offer fat burning nutrition plans that fit around your work schedule. Hard work pays off, and when members achieve a high level of progression, Mud Boot Camp will give away prizes that range from jumpers to recipe books. Prices vary depending on the frequency of your sessions, and starts £20 per month for one session a week. Free taster session are available.

The choices are brimming with venue and style options, not to mention are highly affordable (walk away from that thought of a pumpkin spiced latte and book a session instead - some even offer the first one for free!), sign yourself up for better mental and physical health.


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Written by Edwina Chan for Manchester Wire.