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Eight Arguments for the Indecisive Couple on Date Night

BY: Editors | 6 Feb 2018

“What do you want to do for dinner?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to do for dinner?”

If you’re in a relationship, this exchange probably sounds pretty familiar. When it comes to date night, it seems like there’s one big decision you must make every single time: should you stay in or go out? That’s why we decided to play devil’s advocate and present all the benefits of both of these options. Read on to learn the pros of these dinner ideas for two:

Why you should stay in

1. It’s a chance to try out all the new skills you learned from the cookery course you took together. You can julienne vegetables side-by-side, roll sushi with four hands, or whisper romantic French phrases into each other’s ears like hors d'œuvre and French onion soup.

2. Don’t feel like cooking? You can order delivery from your favourite pizza place or Thai restaurant, then set the table and light candles for extra ambience.

3. It gives you the opportunity to explore the dinner-destination possibilities of your very own space. How? By clearing off the coffee table and sitting on pillows on the floor, or by setting up a card table on the deck for impromptu al fresco dining.

4. You can have your own personal dinner-and-movie night without the overpriced popcorn and strange child kicking the back of your chair. Dim the lights, press play on the remote, and settle into the couch, fork in hand.

Why you should go out

1. Looking for an excuse to show off your new outfit? Going to an upscale restaurant is a great way to finally put that new cocktail dress or three-piece suit to good use.

2. You can plan your own dinner crawl and explore the neighbourhood by visiting a different restaurant for each course. By the time dessert rolls around, you may have several new restaurants to tell your friends about.

3. Going out gives you a reprieve from some of your everyday duties at home. A babysitter will watch the kids, a trained chef will slave over a hot stove, and a whole staff will clear the table and do your dishes.

4. Are you or your partner an extrovert? Eating out is an ideal way to meet new people and participate in conversations about topics other than the cable bill.

This article was originally published on Groupon U.S. and has been edited.