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Four Simple Skin Care Tips for Men

BY: Jeff Meredith |10 Jun 2015
Four Simple Skin Care Tips for Men

Does your skincare regime include a bar of soap and water? If you want to keep your skin in tip top condition, then maybe it’s time to ditch the soap and follow some simple steps to help your skin cope with life in the 21st Century.


Using soap on your face will dry your skin out, encourage wrinkles and age you, so ditch the soap and get a great cleanser.  A daily cleanse will wash away the dirt your face accumulates when you’re out and about in the City. The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel is a great energizing facewash and it’s definitely energising and wakes my skin up with its minty freshness. Another product I use is the YesTo smoothing daily cleanser which I get from Gordons Chemists in the City centre. With 99% natural ingredients including a moisturising coconut oil, this brand is SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free.



You should exfoliate on a weekly basis as it gets rid of the dead skin and will give you a healthy glow. Shaving also gets rid of dead skin, but with the current trend for beards, you need to look after that skin underneath. My favourite exfoliating scrub is the Jason Shankey face and scalp scrub. For me it’s a double whammy because as well as a great scrub, I’m supporting a local business. Again you could use the YesTo SLS free range, they have a great facial scrub with lemon balm and grapefruit which smells fresh and fruity, and yes, it’s 99% natural.

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You don’t want dry and flaky skin, so you should be aiming to keep your skin in tip top condition by moisturising daily. Moisturisers can often have a strong scent, so selecting a fragrance free one means you’ll get all the benefits without the scent. I use Kiehl’s facial fuel as it has a minty freshness, not unlike their facewash.  

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If you can get a moisturiser that has an SPF then that’s even better. The sun will cause a lot of damage to your skin, and it’s there all year round. Even if it is hidden behind the clouds, the rays can still get through. So if you can, protect your skin with an SPF if you’re going to be outside.

Once you get into the routine of using a daily morning facewash followed by a quick moisturise, you should start seeing improvements to your skin. By adding in a weekend scrub you are well on your way to better, fresher looking skin and don’t forget the SPF.

And one last tip, drink lots of water and moisturise from the inside out!

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