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Gel Nails at Home - How to DIY

BY: Paula Holmes | 5 Aug 2015
Gel Nails at Home - How to DIY

There is nothing worse than painting your nails and then they chip the next day. This is where the genius gel nails come in. Originally starting out as a beauty treatment you could only have done at the salon, there are now plenty at-home kits which will enable you to have chip-free nails for up to two weeks. Using the Sensational starter kit, here is how to achieve gel nails at home.

With the Sensationail starter kit you will find everything you need to create chip free gel nails at home. An LED lamp, gel cleanser, gel primer, base and topcoat, a polish colour, lint free wipes and a file and cuticle sticks.  The application takes a bit of patience and practice to get used to, but is overall a few simple steps to follow.



First you will need to prepare the nail. File and lightly buff the natural nail using the nail file provided within the kit.

Apply a few drops of the gel cleanser to one of the lint-free wipes and wipe the nail clean.

Taking the gel primer, apply one later to the nail and let this air-dry. This shouldn’t take too long to dry.

gel nails


Apply a thin layer of the gel base and topcoat to the nail. Try to avoid the skin and cuticle around the nail area. This is very tricky but practice makes perfect. 

The next thing is to cap the nail. What does this mean? Well just slightly run the nail brush over the top of the nail, this makes sure the nail is locked in and so there is no room for chips. Then place your hand in the gel lamp for 30 seconds. On this particular set the lamp beeps after 30 seconds so you know when to take it out. I find the best way to do the nails is to start off with the thumbs on each hand and place them in together into the LED lamp. Then follow with the remaining fingers of each hand, so four at a time. 

After the base coat, you are ready for the colour polish. This is exactly the same process. Apply a thin layer, avoiding skin and cuticle and capping the nail. Only this time you cure under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. The lamp this time will switch off after 60 seconds so no need to worry about the time. 

Follow up with a second coat of colour polish and again cure for 60 seconds. Paragraph


Apply a thin layer of the gel base and topcoat. Making sure to avoid the cuticle and skin and curing the top of the nail. Then cure for 30 seconds under the LED lamp. 

Lastly finish the nails by wiping across a lint-wipe soaked in gel cleanser to remove the moisture layer from the nail.

The nails will be dry almost instantly so no walking about waving your arms. These gel nails at home should last two weeks without chipping or needing removed. To remove soak in a bowl of acetone. 

The Sensationail gel nails at home starter kits are £69.99 from Boots.

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