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How to Do a Pedicure at Home

BY: Jess Hardiman | 1 Oct 2014
How to Do a Pedicure at Home

Let’s face it: no one has – or will ever have – particularly handsome feet. They account for a quarter of all the bones in the human body, over our lifetime we use them to walk the equivalent of circling the earth four times, and often you’ll find women cramming them into the crevice of a tiny stiletto.

What we’re left with is a nasty medley of callouses, hard skin and sore toes. However, by combining some pampering with a slick of pretty nail varnish, pedicures can make the situation just that little bit better.

Deriving from the Latin word ‘pedis’, which means ‘of the foot’, and ‘cura’, which means ‘care’, pedicures act as a way to take care of the weary body part that does so much for us. And although manicures are most commonly associated with beautifully painted talons, pedicures aren’t just limited to the toenails – on top of filing and polishing, a typical treatment also combines exfoliation, massage and cuticle care, meaning that your feet will get the whole works.

DO try this at home:

Granted, it’s nice to get out of the house and head to a spa for a spot of pampering, but to cut some of the costs you can give actually yourself a pedicure at home.

1. Remove any polish.

How to do a DIY Pedicure

2. Using a pumice stone or large foot file, buff your feet when they’re dry, as this will shift tougher dry skin.

How to do a DIY Pedicure

3. Soak your feet in a big tub of hot soapy water, adding some dried lavender or lavender oil if you’re after true relaxation points. If you have any marbles, pop them in to massage your feet against – it’s absolute bliss, so at this stage it’s good to pause with a cup of tea on the sofa.

How to do a DIY Pedicure

4. Dry your feet and cut and file the toenails, remembering to try and keep the nail squared off rather than going for the rounded style that becomes a breeding ground for ingrown toenails.

How to do a DIY Pedicure

5. Push back the cuticles using a cuticle stick (these will only cost around £3, or cheaper if you opt for disposable wooden alternatives).

How to do a DIY Pedicure

6. Apply moisturising lotion to the whole foot and massage it in – if anyone else is around, see if you can rope them in to do it for you!

7. Wipe any of the lotion from the toenails, before picking your polish of choice and applying. It’s worth opting for a base coat, a slick of your chosen colour and a high-shine top coat for best effects.

How to do a DIY Pedicure

And volia! The finished product! 

How to do a DIY Pedicure

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