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Look Sleek Forever with Laser Hair Removal in Manchester

BY: Ruth Allan | 7 Jan 2016

If you’re one of those people who’s tried everything on the market - from waxing strips to removal cream, razors to epilators - and still nothing suits, laser hair removal is likely the best solution. Not only does it banish pesky hairs in the first place but it reduces their capacity to grow back, meaning future stubble will be much finer and slower to show. For those with dark coarse growth, or indeed anyone who’s had enough of the usual methods, laser hair removal is particularly useful and becoming extremely popular as a consequence. As with many procedures, it’s best to see an expert. All you need is our guide to Manchester’s finest salons offering laser hair removal.

Brazilian Waxing Company

While this sounds like a nationwide brand, so far the Brazilian Waxing Company is exclusive to Manchester. After ten years of de-fuzzing the north, the savvy outpost is still going strong, primarily because its persuasive marketing isn’t the usual poetic license; it actually fronts an excellent service. Even Brazilians are impressed. The two main services offered are waxing and laser treatments, the latter using Gentlemax Pro which is said to suit a wider range of skin tones than other commercial lasers. Prices are reasonable too.

7 Cheapside, M2 4WG / 3 Oxford Road, M1 6EY

Smooth and Simple

This versatile branch offers a wide variety of treatments, spanning everything from botox to cosmetic surgery. Hair removal here is via intense pulsed light (IPL), with a large applicator head for shorter treatments. IPL is often compared diode laser treatments but studies have shown little statistical difference – plus it can prove a cheaper option. Staff are honest and knowledgeable, enabling customers to make the best possible decision via webinars, consultations and even free demo days. Tasteful decor makes the experience relaxing rather than stressful, and there’s always plenty of incentives to join the smooth revolution.

Parsonage Chambers, 3 Parsonage, M3 2HW,

Centros Unico

Centros Unico is almost hidden amid a cluster of electronics, underwear and jewellery chains on the upper floor of Manchester’s city centre’s world-class Arndale Centre. This branch is one of the company’s 140 medical aesthetics centres worldwide. Particularly within franchises, quality can often be compromised, but happily that’s not the case here. The laser pricing structure is simple: it’s a flat fee. This means that large areas are typically better value at Centros Unico that smaller ones. The LightSheer diode system which is used here is recommended by dermatologists and boasts a unique cooling hand piece for added comfort. 

The Arndale Centre, Marsden Way South, M4 3AT. 

Laser Chic

As the name of this south Manchester beauty treatment centre suggests, the emphasis is on laser treatments for both hair and skin. The salon uses a special laser which employs two different wavelengths – the result is simply smooth, hair free skin, with little hassle and conducted after rigorous safety testing. If that’s not convincing enough, it may be useful to know the company is both F.D.A and Lynton approved. It’s not the cheapest option but consultations are free and discounts are offered when treating multiple areas.

41 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, M20 6TW,

Skin Health Spa

This luxurious little salon boasts two-wave technology and has extensive celebrity backing – which is obviously very reassuring for their customers and would be clients. The decor is bespoke and the team is well qualified. Laser skin treatments are also offered alongside facials, peels and non-invasive surgery. One of the clinics main strengths is hair removal which is why we’ve included them in our round up. For a really indulgent experience while losing your unwanted fair, Skin Health Spa is tough to beat.

7 St James Square, Manchester M2 6DN

So there you go, five trusted salons, each with their own unique selling points. As for which to choose, that’s down to the reader. Bear in mind that laser treatment isn’t for everyone; for example those with red or grey hair will see less effect and it’s inadvisable when taking certain medications. For many, though, it’s a safe and sound investment that greatly reduces hair-raising hassle. Here’s to life as a smooth operator.


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Written by Vicky Smith for Manchester Wire.