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Lix Hewett

BY: | 4 Jun 2015

Are you a ‘techie’ or did you learn on the job?

I’m entirely self-taught as a designer, photographer and writer. I’m not a techie and there’s a lot I don’t know, but I’ve picked up some aspects of coding and CMS (Wordpress and Squarespace in particular) from designing for clients. I’m fairly confident with it, though I sometimes outsource specific development tasks. 

How did you get into blogging?

I’ve been journaling in some way or another for a decade now, in fandom on A few years ago, I hit rock bottom, got on antidepressants, quit writing, and somehow that led to opening a shop on Etsy. From there on, blogging seemed like one of the few marketing tools that were within reach with my lack of resources, and I’ve always had a thing for showing off my style and photos. That blog was a bit of a photolog, but through reading other blogs and meeting people, it morphed into life + style… and London, when I moved here.

Would you like your blog to be your full time job?

I wouldn’t say I want blogging to be the only thing I do, but I would like to have enough of an income from it to sustain myself on while I pursue a career in photography. My design business is more likely to get me there faster, but it also takes up a lot more time, so I don’t want to rely on it entirely.

If you had to blog about one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My life, probably. 

What’s your favourite social network?

I have different favourites for different things! I love love love Twitter, the engagement and conversation there. I love that I can vent and say important things and retweet activists and be myself, 24/7, rambling as much as I want. But I’ve fallen in love with Instagram, and I use Pinterest constantly to gather photography and design inspiration and sigh wistfully at interiors.

When you’re not blogging what do you do?

I run a design business, I shoot, I model, I play guitar very, very badly, I read books, I watch TV, I talk about said TV, I read fanfic, I freak out about my life, I make lists. I used to sew, and may pick it back up; I have this awesome fashion line just waiting to happen.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own blog?

Don’t let people tell you what you can or can’t blog about, or make you think there’s such a thing as a "wrong reason" to start a blog. That’s bullshit. Try advice out, but don’t put more stock in it than a 'might work.' Different things work for different people. Editorial calendars are a lifesaver — scheduling posts in advance is my dream way of working. And be honest.

Which superpower would you like to have and why?

I’d like to be invisible so I could rob a bank and never be caught. Look, I could be all good-person here but a large amount of money would make all my problems (especially that awful anxiety) go away. 

Where should people follow you on?

Twitter and Instagram, for sure! I’m @LixHewett everywhere, except on Pinterest, where I’m at I won’t turn down a Facebook like, though. ;)

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