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Make your travel plans 2017 & escape the winter blues!

BY: Viktoria | 5 Jan 2017


Travel – The best way to escape the winter blues!

Don’t we all know this feeling that rises inside when days get shorter, hours of daylight decrease, temperatures fall, and so does our mood every once in a while? It’s called winter blues!

The big question is ‘What we can do to prevent the winter blues’?! A very simple, but logic answer to this question: TRAVEL! Taking a trip – short or long, at home or abroad, alone or with friends – is the perfect possibility to escape our daily routine, to explore and open our minds for new and exciting adventures. Let’s beat the winter blues and make travel plans for 2017!

Below a few inspirations - trips to take to beat the winter blues:

Explore winter feeling across Europe

Winter doesn’t have to be a depressing season per se. Actually, not at all! While daylight hours drop and temperatures fall, most cities start shining with a special gleam! Christmas decorations brighten up streets, cafés and bars become cozy, candles and fireplaces replace electric lights. One can smell Winter, taste its warm winter drinks and enjoy its typical seasonal food! Even if you have already visited your favorite city in spring, summer or autumn – give it a try this winter! It will be a totally different experience! Explore Paris, London, Berlin or any other European city this winter - book your winter city trip here. You won’t regret it!

Treat yourself! Melt away the Winter Blues!

Cold winter days call for something to warm you up – physically and mentally. A trip to a wellness hotel is definitely something good for body & soul and especially great during the cold season. Cocooning with your loved one or simply by yourself in a luxurious place with a spa area, a restaurant, offering wellness treatments and simply everything else you need is definitely a good strategy to beat the winter blues. Not having to leave your “hotel-wellness-bubble” for a full weekend will cause the feeling of being really far away, while the hotel itself might be located just around your corner. More great news? Such a weekend doesn’t need to cost a fortune! And as we all know that gifting increases our own happiness as well – how about surprising a person you love with a short escape to a wellness refugium and beating the winter blues together? Find some awesome offers for total relaxation here!

Take a big trip – or at least plan one!

There are many places around the world where slays, snow boots, winter parkas and dreary days are a complete mystery – the perfect places for your next winter escape! Explore magic places and exotic hideaways in far-away Asia or treat yourself in sophisticated riads in Morocco – start packing your bags! Find some inspirations for your next trip towards the sunshine here.

Even though a long-haul trip is not organized from one day to the other, there are great news: Simply planning your next vacation will immediately boost your happiness! Get excited now by planning the route you want to take, dreaming of the wonderful places you will be visiting in 2017 and people you will be meeting! Doing all this with a tee in your hands, a hot-water bottle keeping you warm while laying on your couch at home, will chase away the winter blues!

No matter what type of Travel you select to beat your winter blues, there is one thing they all have in common: Travelling brings long-term happiness, it creates wonderful long-lasting memories and allows you to gain valuable experiences. Travelling enriches your life, it develops your self-awareness which will help you in your personal and professional life. And… in case you get home from your winter escape in winter, there is one last piece of good advice: Being away from home can often help us appreciate our lives at home even more!

Get inspired for your travel plans 2017 here!