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Find a Polish Restaurant in London Tonight

BY: Helen Graves | 25 May 2015
Find a Polish Restaurant in London Tonight

Polish food is gutsy, satisfying and full of homely charm. Think plates of steaming pierogis (dumplings), smoked meats, delicious soups ranging from clear to the deep bruised colour of borscht. Here are the best places in London to get your fix of Polish food.

1. Mamuska!

At first glance, Mamuska! doesn’t appear to have a lot going for it; not many restaurateurs will fight you for this blustery site inside a run-down shopping centre in the heart of Elephant and Castle. The draw here however, is value. Five pork pierogi will set you back £3.75, and all side dishes £1.30. They also serve dangerously sinkable vodka in 50ml shots. Be warned.  

polish food

2. The Polish Deli

If you want to take the flavours of Poland home with you then The Polish Deli stall is a good place to stock up. Buy sweet and savoury pastries, cured meats such as kabanos and rich Polish pate from their stalls at various London markets (see website for details).

3. Daquise

For more than 65 years, Daquise has been serving Polish specialities to locals and visitors, some of them famous; Roman Polanksi visited while filming Repulsion, for example, regularly darkening the door in search of pierogi. You’ll also find classic dishes such as stuffed eggs, beetroot and cucumber soups and rabbit in mustard sauce, served in charmingly quaint surroundings.

polish food

Photo Credit: Daquise by B, Flickr

4. Polsmak

This North London deli stands out as ‘high-end’. Go there for smoked fish and Polish buttermilk, vodka and beer. The shelves in this pretty little shop are absolutely crammed. If Polsmak don’t stock it, then you probably can’t find it in London.

polish shop

Photo Credit: Polsmak by Ewan Munro, Flickr 

5. Patio

For the truly traditional, head to Patio in Shepherd’s Bush. The restaurant has been going since 1986, and the menu changes daily. The slightly eccentric owners have bags of charm and the prices are stupendously low. This is a much loved restaurant that deserves your patronage.

polish food

Photo Credit: Patio by Su-Lin, Flickr 

6. Ognisko

Housed in a grand building in Knightsbridge, Ognisko serves traditional Polish food with serious style. All the Polish flavours are here: herrings, beetroot, pork and cherries. There are dishes for the more adventurous, such as stewed duck hearts, and the bread baskets come with pickles and butter. I think that’s all bases covered.

7. Beetroot Deli

Beetroot Deli in Hampstead Heath imports all kinds of Polish foods and drinks direct from the homeland. You’ll find cheeses, charcuterie, marinated herrings, pickles, traditional Polish cakes and loads more. The sandwiches in their café are definitely worth trying, and their bacon roll is gaining something of a reputation as one of the best in the area. Finish with a slice of cake and a coffee.

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