Shave, Wax, Cream or Laser? Which Hair Removal Routine is Best?

BY: Jen Riley |
Shave, Wax, Cream or Laser? Which Hair Removal Routine is Best?

With so many ways to remove hair from your body, sometimes it’s hard to know which method to use. So here’s a very speedy run down of the pros and cons of hair removal methods.


Pros: it’s quick and easy; leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Cons: regrowth is stubbly and can be fast, depending on how fast your hair grows; threat of ingrown hairs.


Pros: long lasting as it pulls (rips) the hair out from the root; silky smooth feeling lasts at least as long as a holiday.

Cons: can be very painful; can end in disaster if not left to professionals - so can be expensive; have to let the hair re-grow in order to be long enough to wax again.

Hair Removal Cream:

Pros: quick and easy to do; dissolves hair to just below the surface of skin, so can last a little longer than shaving.

Cons: can be very messy, and the creams leave behind a bit of a tell-tale chemical smell…so no good if you want to hide your hair removal habits from your other half.

Laser Hair Removal:

Pros: hair growth reduces by 10% each session; the results can last forever. Read about my experience of laser hair removal here.

Cons: it’s expensive; one course of treatments takes months; the treatment can be very uncomfortable.

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BY: Jen Riley