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Spa Gifts for Her & Him


Ah, ‘twas the night before your significant other’s birthday...and you realise you have no time and no idea what to give them...well, you’re in luck because under this kind of stress you’ll find.. it's a perfect time and the perfect idea, to treat your partner (and yourself). Gift your lover something they need, in addition to something they want.


To help you figure out what that something is, our researchers did a little digging to discover which spa treatments our customers most often buy for themselves. Here are our data-driven insights on the top spa gifts for her and him, just in time to save you from giving another cheesy and last-minute gift...and ultimately...ending up sleeping on the sofa for a week.

Spa Gifts Designed With Her in Mind


1. Couples Massage

Your special somebody may be an avid booker of all the different kinds of massages. But there's one type they may not have experienced because it requires you too! Combine a proper date and relaxation with a romantic couples massage, where everyone wins.


2. Multistep Facial Treatment

While massages and other spa services have health benefits, facials are purely a beauty buy. But that's why they make such great gifts for special and spontaneous occasions. The indulgence will make your significant other feel special, and the lasting complexion benefits make it a gift that keeps on giving. Pro tip, though: go with a general facial gift card. That way they can choose the service they want, and no one has to mention words like "acne" or "aging."


3. Full Pampering Package

Want to win the best gift giver award? Spa-day packages generally include a massage and facial, plus additional services ranging from a mani-pedi to aromatherapy. You're giving them a little bit of everything they want, and maybe even something they don’t even know they want. Isn't that what giving gifts is really all about?

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Spa Gifts Designed With Him in Mind


1. Intense Massage

Just like a sandwich tastes better when someone else makes it, a massage feels better when someone else pays for it. Men are less likely to book themselves a massage and even less likely to opt for a one with a focus on pampering. Instead, consider a modality like deep-tissue or full-body massage that is designed to help with nagging back pain or stress relief.


2. Tension-Relieving Reflexology

Reflexology yields similar pain- and stress-relieving effects of a massage but requires less of the de-robing. The therapist manipulates specific areas of the hands, feet, and ears to ease tension and restore balance in other parts of the body. This very targeted technique is the ideal choice of spa treatments for men who might be shy, first-timers.


3. Sauna or Steam-Room Session

Saunas and steam rooms are a great gift for spa nonbelievers because they are more in control of their experience. Guests can don swim gear or just towels, and they can stay as long as they're comfortable. The warm air—dry in a sauna, humid in a steam room—guides the entire body toward relaxation, easing tension in the mind and the muscles, cleansing the skin, and helping fight off illness.




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