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The Best Beauty Boxes Right Now

BY: Laura Pearson Smith | 31 Mar 2015
The Best Beauty Boxes Right Now

Monthly beauty subscription boxes have taken the world by storm. Each month, you get a surprise box of full-size and sample products; giving you a chance to try out things you might not have thought of before. Contents range from makeup, to skincare, perfume, haircare and nail products. This is a guide to the best beauty subscription box services in the UK- there really is something for all tastes and budgets. 

Glossybox, £10 plus P&P Monthly

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Glossybox is perhaps the most well-known of all the beauty subscription box services available in the UK as it has been going for a long time. Each month, in an elegantly designed cardboard box (which is great for keepsakes), you will get 5 beauty/skincare products that are a mixture of full-size and sample size. In the box is also a product guide, so you know how to use each of them properly.

Birchbox, £10 plus P&P Monthly


Birchbox hails from the US and their products are usually from higher-end brands than the other boxes. What's nice about Birchbox is that each month's box also contains a lifestyle item- food or a book, for example. Some months come in the form of themed collaborations with brands, and others you will get their usual mix of 4-5 full-size/deluxe size beauty products, plus some surprise samples and your lifestyle item.

Souk Souk, £10 plus P&P Monthly


If you are into cruelty-free beauty products, or only use those that are organic and natural, the monthly Souk Souk Little Green Box is the subscription choice for you. You'll get 5 products (1-2 full-size and 3-4 sample size) plus their own Little Green Magazine every month. The packaging is basic and isn't anything to shout home about, but it's 'green' and ethical; which is what Souk Souk are all about.

My Little Box, £11.95 plus P&P Monthly

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This French beauty subscription box service has been a whirlwind of popularity since it launched in the UK.  Each box has a theme e.g. My Little 'Frenchie' Box and My Little 'Superbox', and all the contents are themed to fit. Each month you will get two lifestyle items such as a t-shirt, mobile phone holder, scarf and stickers; plus three beauty products. What's great is that one of the three beauty products is always a My Little Box own-brand product from France, and they are great quality. Everything about My Little Box is beautiful- from the collectable boxes with custom illustrations, to the fabric ribbon and cotton printed drawstring bags that hold everything together inside. The monthly magazine that's included is a great read too.

You Beauty Discovery, £6.95 including P&P


This is the cheapest and most transparent of the UK beauty box subscriptions, so is great if you are on a budget or are new to this type service. Each month you get two full-size/deluxe-size beauty products that you choose yourself from a list of 6-10. You'll also get a surprise (usually edible) treat each month too. This box takes the worry of not liking what you get, away; which makes it a great starter subscription.

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