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Things to Do in Glasgow at Night

BY: Laura Pearson Smith | 14 Jul 2015
Things to Do in Glasgow at Night

Just because the sun has set and the shops are shut, doesn’t mean you have to stop having a good time in Glasgow. If nightclubs and busy bars aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other fun things to do in Glasgow at night, and I’m going to tell you just what they are.


Fancy a bit of I Will Survive? Or how about some Dancing Queen? Warm up your vocal chords and head for the famous Lucky Voice karaoke. There are celebrity fans a-plenty of their London branches; so the Glasgow venue is sure to show you a good time. This karaoke venue is situated within the Mansion House nightclub and bar complex on Glassford Street in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. All you need is a couple of friends and you can hire yourself a private karaoke booth for a couple of hours.

Karaoke in Glasgow

It’s open from 12am to 2am from Sunday to Thursday, and from 12am to 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s a great way to round off a night in the city- let’s just hope you can’t remember the noises you were making in the morning.

Burlesque Club Nights

If you would prefer to watch the entertainment rather than be it, you should check out the regular burlesque club nights at Glasgow’s Club Noir. There are DJs, burlesque shows and live bands; plus a healthy dose of people watching. There can be over 2000 attendees, and these people dress to be looked at.

If you’re not sure what burlesque is, don’t be fooled by the common misconception that it’s all about women stripping. Sure, there are some striptease acts, but there’s also circus, vaudeville and comedy performers too.

Burlesque in Glasgow

Club Noir’s main base in Glasgow is at the 02 Academy, and nights run around 6 times a year here at the oldest burlesque club in the UK.

The Glasgow Pub Crawl

Another of my top fun things to do in Glasgow at night is to take on the Glasgow pub crawl institution that is the ‘subcrawl’. Here, you use Glasgow’s beloved circular underground subway as your map, and stop off for a drink (or two) at a pub at every stop.

There are 15 stations, and an all-day unlimited ticket costs £4. Not all the stops are In desirable areas; but that’s part of the fun- visiting places you would never have thought about otherwise. Let me know how far round the track you get!

Ghost Walks

Finally, if you find getting scared fun, a trip on one of the city’s ghost walks in the dark is definitely for you. There have been lots of spooky and gruesome happenings in Glasgow just waiting for you to explore them.

Glasgow Cathedral

Spirit Walks run what they call Horror Walks. They last around 40 minutes, and will cause you to never look at the city in the same way ever again. They run several times a week, and you can book your place on your chosen tour online.

Read more about exploring haunted Glasgow in - Glasgow Necropolis and More of the City's Most Haunted Locations.

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