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Keratin Hair Treatment: How Does It Work?

By Editors | 5 Dec 19 | OUR GUIDE TO THINGS TO DO

Keratin smoothing treatments are hugely popular for a couple of reasons: they may eliminate frizz, reduce time spent blow-drying, and make hair look like it stepped off a Hollywood poster for Nice Hair: A Movie. But what is keratin exactly and why is it favoured by many people who are tired of battling the stuff growing out of their heads every day?

What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein that already exists naturally in your hair (and nails, for that matter).

  • Keratin forms a protective shield around the hair shaft and helps your hair stay elastic and
  • Unfortunately, keratin can be depleted due to over-styling, heat, chemicals, and other damaging

How do keratin treatments work?

So what is a keratin treatment, then? Keratin straightening treatments aim to help replenish this
lost protein by using a formula that contains keratin (among other ingredients). When applied by
a professional stylist, this formula can strengthen the hair shaft and help smooth its surface,
leading to silky, frizz-free hair. Here's the entire process:

  1. Once you're in a salon chair, the stylist will apply a keratin formula to your hair.
  2. The stylist then seals the formula with a very hot flat-iron.
  3. The heat from the iron, along with other chemicals in the keratin formula, activate the
    straightening effect.
  4. Your hair should feel smooth and silky. Enjoy!

How long does keratin smoothing take?

It can take 90 minutes or longer. The more hair you have, the longer the treatment will take.

What does keratin do for hair?

Although results will vary slightly depending on your natural hair and service type, keratin
treatment will smoothen and add shine to your hair. It will also reduce the appearance of
damage from previous treatments, like frizziness or dryness.

How long do keratin treatments last?

Typically, keratin treatment results last around 2 to 3 months. However, it ultimately depends on
the type of keratin product used and aftercare.

How much does a keratin treatment cost?

Cost largely depends on multiple factors, such as how long your hair is and what brand of
smoothing treatment you try. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay between
£200 and
for the service. Be sure to check our website for deals on straightening treatments near
you—we did a recent search and found keratin treatments
as low as £69!

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Blowout is a specific brand of keratin hair-straightening treatment. Other common
brands include Brazilian Keratin, Brazilian Hair Straightening, Keratin Complex Smoothing
Therapy by Coppola, Global Keratin Complex, and La-Brasiliana. You should talk to your stylist
to determine which treatments they offer and which one is right for your hair.

If I have curly hair, will this take the curl out of my hair?

Not completely. According to numerous stylists, the treatments relax curls slightly but don't
completely get rid of them. If your hair is wavy or frizzy, the treatment will likely get closer to
straightening it, but if you have bountiful curls, some curl will remain.

Will I still be able to curl my hair afterwards?

According to many stylists who specialise in keratin straightening, you should be able to curl
your hair after the treatment with a round brush and blow-dryer.
The treatments shouldn't
reduce your overall hair volume, and your hair should remain malleable to your styling touch.