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Where to Get your Comfort Food Fix in Manchester

BY: Shaun Barnes | 17 Nov 2014
Where to Get your Comfort Food Fix in Manchester

Whether you’ve got a hangover, need warming up on a cold winter night or are just in need of cheering up, sometimes there’s only one type of food that will do, comfort food. It’s usually not very good for you but that’s okay as it’s only a one off and it’ll make you feel better!


full english breakfast

Let’s start with the dreaded hangover, a Full English breakfast is a cliché cure for a reason, it works! But other options are available, anything with bacon generally helps, pancakes or waffles perhaps. Thankfully there are plenty of places in Manchester to get yourself a comforting breakfast, some of the best include Penelope’s Kitchen, whose range of freshly made pancakes come topped with everything from Oreo’s to crispy bacon, while their Full English always does the trick and even comes with unlimited coffee. Or Home Sweet Home whose ‘Cheeseburger Toastie’ and ‘Breakfast Burrito’ have been known to destroy hangovers at first sight. If you can hang on in there for a few extra hours the likes of Beef & Pudding and Solita serve equally comforting ‘brunch’ menus and even offer brunch cocktails for that last resort, a hair of the dog.

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Winter Warmers

Of course comfort food isn’t just about curing hangovers, winter warmers are a big part too. Think stews, soups and braised meats: for those look no further than the quirky Whim Wham Cafe or Mr Thomas Chop House, the latter do a great Fish & Chips too, a comfort food classic.


pie and mash

Another comfort food classic is the humble pie, particularly in winter. Delicious things in pastry, what’s not to love? Pie & Ale in the Northern Quarter have a menu full of them - from traditional steak and ale or chicken and bacon to more unusual options including kangaroo or wild boar and mozzarella.

Sunday Roast

sunday roast

There are few more comforting entire meals than a Sunday roast, a plateful of meat, crispy roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and masses of rich, warm gravy is my idea of comfort food heaven. Again Manchester has plenty to offer when it comes to great Sunday roasts, Mr Coopers House & Garden in the Midland Hotel is up there with the best of them and excellent value too.

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The ultimate comfort food for most people seems to be sweet and sugary, be they indulgent puddings or cakes. Home Sweet Home scores double points as not only do they offer some of the most comforting breakfast dishes in town but also the best cakes too. Similarly huge, indulgent and elaborate cakes can be found at Sugar Junction and Teacup, all in the cake capital of Manchester, the Northern Quarter!

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So hopefully next time you’re feeling cold, hungover or just a little bit down you know where to go to get the food equivalent of a big hug.

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