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Groupon Getaways FAQ

Prize Draw: A Chance to Win a £250 Voucher for a Chosen Groupon Getaway

Prize Draw: Win a £250 Getaway Voucher

What You Get

Included: participation in a prize draw

  • Opportunity to win a £250 Getaway voucher

The Prize Draw

Every person who buys the deal (£0 price point) gets a chance to win a £250 credit which supports a Groupon getaway of clients’ choice. A lucky winner will be given numerous travel opportunities, including beach resort stays, spa breaks or European capitals tours. Sports events, concerts, romantic escapes for two, as well as holiday packages for the whole family, are also up for grabs.

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Fine Print

Out of all participants 1x £250 Groupon Credit will be given away.
Redemption: 1 coupon per person. This deal is only the participation in the lottery.
Sign in with your Groupon account or create a new account for free, "buy" the deal for 0 £. Only one entry per person.
Important: After buying the deal, each participant receives two automatic e-mails. The "order confirmation" and an e-mail with the subject "Voucher for your deal." These two emails are generated automatically and strictly confirm your participation, but not the win.
Announcement of winners:
The lottery deal ends on Sunday, 15 Jan 2017 at 11.59pm. Winners will be notified by 6pm on Thursday, 17 Jan 2017 via email. In this e-mail the winner is announced an email address and is asked to confirm his win at this email address. If Groupon does not receive the confirmation e-mail of the winner within 7 days of notification, the right is reserved for the prize to be viewed as "not accepted" and to offer it to someone else. The value of the prize is not cashable. Conditions of participation apply.
Further information:
No recommendation credit is granted for a recommendation of this deal. Terms and Conditions applicable to the £250 Groupon Getaways Prize Draw:

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