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The Ungiftables Gift Guide

Groupon. Something for everyone this Christmas




Christmas is looming and the shopping sagas have well and truly begun! Sure, you might have already nailed the majority of your gift list (or not, we're not judging), but what about that ONE person who's near impossible to buy for? The metaphorical 'Everest' of giftees that you're still yet to conquer with the perfect present?
We call these people 'The Ungiftables'. And we're here to help you turn their Yuletide frown upside down with a go-to Groupon guide that has something for everyone this Christmas.

Do you have these Ungiftables in your family?

Hard to Impress Mother-In-Law

Impossible Uncle

Teenager from Gifting Hell


...and for everybody else in your life here's our selection of inspired gifts

Christmas Gifts For HerView All

Christmas is a special time of the year that we all remember fondly, from the time we spend with our loved ones to the gifts we share with each other. So why not treat that special lady to something amazing this Christmas? We know how hard it can be to find this perfect xmas gift, so shop from the comfort of your home and don’t waste time rushing around the high street.

Christmas Gifts For Him View All

Finding the perfect gift for him can be hard but sometimes it’s just about finding the right inspiration. First find out what he is interested in and once you have this piece of information you can begin your hunt for a great gift. If you have exhausted all his hobbies and still can’t find the right present, why not look for a gift that is a little more unusual like driving a supercar or scuba diving.

Christmas Presents For CouplesView All

During this festive time of the year finding an ideal Christmas gift can be quite difficult especially when it’s for a couple. Now you can’t just think about the interests of 1 person but you have to take into account the interests of both people! However at Groupon, we have some great gift ideas for 2 people; like dining at fancy restaurants, afternoon tea with prosecco or even a nice romantic getaway.

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What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

Do you sit eagerly waiting for the Christmas pudding to be lit up by granddad? Do you count down the minutes until EastEnders comes in (and half the living room groans)? Or do you simply love the look of surprise on people’s faces when they’re opening their presents on Christmas morning?

Here at Groupon, we love the act of gift-giving and Christmas for us is the most exciting time of year. And it’s gifts galore here, as thousands of you up and down the country go out of your way to get an extra special gift for those who deserve it this year.

Popular Christmas Gift Idea 1: Any excuse for afternoon tea

Pop that cork with someone who has earned a day off and bag yourself a spot of afternoon tea for two – with Prosecco of course! This has become a very popular gift for Mum & Daughter days out on the town, where some fancy nibbles and a good catch up is all that’s needed. And, yes, of course – that means a spot of shopping too. A top tip from Groupon is to look online for deals you can use in that week between Christmas and New Year, or just after, as it means you can hit the sales too.

Popular Christmas Gift Idea 2: Lessons

Learning can be fun and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Now, the idea of buying someone lessons for anything might raise an eyebrow, but if someone has been given a gift and has no knowledge of what to do with it, a few lessons is a must. Examples of this can include:

  • Online photography lessons for someone who got a fancy new digital camera
  • Pro golf lessons to go with dad’s new golf clubs that you don’t want gathering dust in the garage
  • TEFL lessons for your brother or sister who has been considering heading to the Far East for a few months

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