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Complete your Game Gear

At their core, video games require little more than a console, a controller, and a TV. But to really enjoy the most immersive and comfortable gaming experience, shop Groupon’s regularly updated selection of extra controllers, headsets, wireless headphones, and other gaming equipment.

Play Without Interruptions

It’s a good idea to take a break from gaming every so often, but it’s not good if that break is forced upon you. Gaming equipment such as battery packs and controller grips let you play for extended periods of time without your fingers getting sore or your wireless controller going dead. Protect portable consoles such as the 3DS from game-interrupting scratches or damage caused by drops with durable cases and screen protectors. Even retro gaming systems can be kept in good health with accessories such as an NES cleaning kit.

Enjoy Lifelike Sound

Gaming headphones let you feel every thunderous explosion in up to 7.1-channel surround sound—all while ensuring that your late-night session doesn’t wake anyone else in the home. They’re also essential for talking to teammates online if you’re playing a game that requires cooperation. Crafted by brands are designed from the ground up for video games with features such as noise cancellation and padded ear cups that enable hours of play. If you want a gaming headset you can use outside of gaming, some headphones with built-in mics may fit the bill.