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Home Audio Systems

From the warbling highs of an opera aria to the rumbling lows of an imminent explosion, a robust home audio system is essential for getting fully immersed in the action. Fortunately, Groupon meets your A/V needs not only with HDTVs, media players, and other home cinema essentials, but also with a range of sound system setups that you can tailor to your existing components and living space.

Keep it simple with a sound bar...

If you prize simplicity and a clean, unfussy look, but still want to improve on your TV’s speakers, look for a sound bar from a trustworthy brand like Panasonic. Size and placement will depend on your space and what you’ll be using it for, but a sound bar packs stereo speakers into a single unit that can often be mounted right on the wall under the TV. Many come with a wireless subwoofer, which amplifies low notes without contributing to an unsightly nest of cables. Best of all, you don’t need to be an audio whiz to operate them: sound bars are known for their simple hookups and (increasingly) Bluetooth functionality, which also lets you stream music and podcasts directly from a smartphone.

...Unless you’re an audiophile and you want the best audio quality

If, on the other hand, audio quality is of the utmost importance, you can invest in more components in order to fill in the soundscape. Surround sound wizards such as Pioneer make peripheral home speakers that can be added to an existing AV receiver and subwoofer to capture a greater range of mid-notes. Of course, this type of system isn’t just for movie night: if you have a turntable, you can hook it up to your receiver as well and easily toggle between spinning tracks and watching TV.