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Delicious Sweets and Chocolates

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it in dew? Groupon can. An ever-rotating selection of sweets and other treats puts a veritable online candy store at shoppers' fingertips, with new delights added each day.

Gummies and Lollipops

Everyone has a different favourite candy, which is why it's good to have some variety. Fruity, gummy, and taffy candies such as Trolli gummy worms and Now & Later chews, or suck on hard candy and lollipops such as Atomic FireBalls. Don't forget to peruse gum and mints for a more old-fashioned style of candy.

Pastries and Chocolate

Candy isn't the only foodstuff to satisfy a sweet tooth. Groupon's assortment of bakery items includes pastries such as macarons as well as offbeat sweets such as caramel corn. And of course, there's that universally beloved ingredient, chocolate, which lends its rich flavour to everything from brownie brittle to chocolate-covered nuts.

Sweet Assortments

Variety is the spice of life—and the sweetness, too. For when you can't settle on just one candy, assortments such as fun-size bags of Skittles or Starburst keep your tastebuds guessing. Fruit and nut varieties take advantage of the uniquely tasty combination of sugar and salt—a sweet-and-savoury pleasure that also makes caramel and toffee such a delight.