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Trick or Treaty: Brexit gives Brits the heebie-jeebies

British politics is set to be every bit as frightening as Halloween this Autumn. So, for those of us watching the political situation unfolding from afar, Groupon has launched Westmonsters….

In these difficult times, we want to bring a little glimmer of light to the turbulent situation and so this Halloween, we’ve created a pumpkin carving pack that lets the British public create ghoulish jack-o’-lanterns of the country’s most recognisable politicians.

Pumpkin being carved with Boris Johnson's face

The stencils have been created in partnership with professional pumpkin carvers, Sand In Your Eye, and there are five different designs to choose from, including:

John Bercow Stencil

Spooker of the House
John Bercow

Boris Johnson Stencil

Boo!ris Johnson

Jeremy Corbyn Stencil

Scaremy Corbyn

Jo Swinson Stencil

Jo Grimson
Lib Dem

Nigel Farage Stencil

Nigel Fear-age
Brexit Party

Watch Your Waste

Pumpkin Cake
Pumpkin Pasta

The pack also includes pumpkin carving tips, and to make sure nothing goes to waste we’ve partnered with two food influencers @tangoraindrop and @kateveggiedesserts to create delicious recipes (one sweet and one savoury) that celebrate the leftover pumpkin flesh. You’ll find the recipes included!


Show us your Westmonster creations by mentioning us on Twitter and Instagram, using @GrouponUK and #Westmonsters.

John Bercow Pumpkin
Jo Swinson Pumpkin
Jeremy Corbyn Pumpkin
Nigel Farage Pumpkin
Boris Johnson Pumpkin
Pumpkin Placeholder