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Bowling in London

Discover great Bowling deals near you


Score a strike and scratch your ten-pin itch with our selection of the best bowling vouchers in London. Treat the whole family to a few frames, or kick off an evening out with friends and a few drinks while you sharpen your skills. Whether you’re a novice bowler or you’re looking to join a league, from children’s parties to big nights out, London’s best bowling alleys are all here for the choosing.

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Five Escape Missions to Play at Home by Escape Team
Five Puzzles to Play at Home
£3.16 £1.99
37% discount_off
One-Hour Trampoline Park Entry for One, Two, Four or Six at Zap Space
One-Hour Trampoline Park Entry
Stratford 5.8 km
£12.00 from £7.50
37% discount_off
Escape Room Game for Two, Four or Six at Adventox
Escape Room Game for Up to Six
Shepherd's Bush 4.0 km
£79.00 from £39.00
50% discount_off
One Adult or Child Return Ticket for Westminster – Greenwich Boat Tour from Thames River Services
Westminster – Greenwich Boat Tour: £6.25 Child, £9.50 Adult
Multiple Locations 0.5 km
£11.25 from £6.25
44% discount_off
Circular Hop-On Hop-Off Cruise on the River Thames for Adult or Child at Circular Cruise Westminster
Circular Cruise on the Thames: Child (£5.95), Adult (£8.75)
Multiple Locations 0.4 km
£10.75 from £5.95
44% discount_off
Two-Hour Ski or Snowboard Adult Group Lesson at The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead
Two-Hour Ski or Snowboard Lesson
Hemel Hempstead 21.7 km
£72.00 £33.00
54% discount_off
The View from The Shard Entry with Panoramic Guide and Optional Champagne
The View from The Shard
The View from The Shard 1.7 km
£34.00 from £25.00
26% discount_off
Entry for Up to Six to Upside Down House UK, Four Locations
Upside Down House Entry for Two
Multiple Locations 17.6 km
£10.00 from £6.00
40% discount_off
8-Lap One-Secret-Supercar or 16-Lap Three-Secret-Supercar Driving Experience at Drift Limits
Supercar Driving Experience
Hemel Hempstead 23.4 km
£59.00 from £29.00
50% discount_off
12-Hole Game of Mini Golf for One or Two at Putt In The Park, Three Locations
12-Hole Game of Mini Golf
Multiple Locations 3.0 km
£10.00 from £5.00
50% discount_off
Online Room-Escape Game from Big Break Hamburg (31% Off)
Online Room-Escape Game
£8.73 £6.00
530+ bought
31% discount_off
Choice of 60-Minute Segway Experience for Two with Segway Events, 13 Locations
Segway Experience
Multiple Locations 5.7 km
£50.00 from £19.99
60% discount_off
Disco Cabaret Show with Nightclub Entry at Café de Paris
Disco Cabaret Show
Piccadilly Circus 0.3 km
£20.00 from £10.00
50% discount_off
One Session of Indoor Bouldering with Introduction and Day Pass + at The Arch North or Arch Acton
Indoor Climbing with Introduction
Multiple Locations 6.0 km
£33.00 £10.00
69% discount_off
Four or Eight 90-Minute Beginners Salsa Classes with City Salsa
Beginners Salsa Classes
Multiple Locations 1.6 km
£32.00 from £8.95
72% discount_off
Supercar Thrill and Blast Driving Experience for Up to Five Cars with Drift Limits
Supercar Driving Experience
Hemel Hempstead 23.4 km
£80.00 from £39.00
51% discount_off
Soap Making Workshop for One or Two at Token Studio
Soap Making Workshop
London 2.4 km
from £20.00
Two-, Four- or Eight-Hour Self-Drive Boat Hire for Up to Six at Riverscapes
Self-Drive Boat Hire for Two
London 11.9 km
£60.00 from £35.00
41% discount_off
Up to 12-Month Access to Piano or Guitar Online Course from iMusic School (Up to 91% Off)
Piano or Guitar Online Course
£29.99 from £5.00
90+ bought
83% discount_off
Edinburgh, York or London Bus Tour for Up to Four from The Ghost Bus Tours
Ghost Bus Tour: Child (£7.75), Adult (£10.50)
Multiple Locations 0.1 km
£12.00 from £7.75
35% discount_off
Soft Play Centre Entry for One or Two Children at Kassiopi Cove
Soft Play Centre Entry
Erith 13.4 km
£7.20 from £3.50
51% discount_off
Jack the Ripper Tour for Up to Four from London Mystery Walks
Jack the Ripper Tour, East London
London Mystery Walks 2.3 km
£10.00 from £5.00
50% discount_off
London Gangster Bus Tour for Up to Four from Gangster Tours
London Gangster Bus Tour
Liverpool Street Station - Bishopsgate Exit/entrance - Bus Stop F 1.9 km
£23.00 from £15.00
34% discount_off
Three-Hour Introductory Sewing Workshop for One or Two at The Fashion Box
Introductory Sewing Workshop
The Fashion Box 5.4 km
£60.00 from £21.00
65% discount_off
One or Three Beginner's Belly Dance Class at Bellydance Body Mind
Belly Dance Class, Camden £5
Haverstock School 2.8 km
£12.50 from £5.00
60% discount_off
Ethiopian Cooking Class for Up to Four at Delina
Ethiopian Cooking Class
London 4.4 km
£35.00 from £21.00
40% discount_off
45-Minute Escorted Horse Ride for Up to Six at Kingsmead Equestrian Centre
Individual or Group Horse Riding
Warlingham 13.4 km
£30.00 from £24.00
20% discount_off

Bowling in London: things to know before you go

Become a bowling guru with our answers to all your ten-pin queries.

What is ten-pin bowling?

Ten-pin bowling is a sport with the aim of knocking down as many pins as possible with a heavy bowling ball. Each player has ten rounds, in each of which they get to bowl twice – unless you hit a strike and knock down all ten with your first ball. In that case, you get to double your next score. If you knock all 10 down in two attempts, your score from the first bowl of your next go is doubled. Most points after everyone has bowled ten rounds wins!

Ten-pin bowling is widely thought to have originated in the States, where it’s hugely popular, but much like craft beer, it’s not actually an American export at all.

Early forms of the game are thought to have come from the German sport Kegelspiel, which involved knocking down nine pins laid in a diamond formation. Some sources claim that the ten-pin version of the game came about in 1841, when the state of Connecticut banned nine-pin bowling for its association with gambling and crime. The tenth addition was a clever loophole to allow bowlers to keep knocking those pins down.

Whether that’s true or not, ten-pin bowling has emerged over the last 200 years as an accessible alternative to lawn bowling enjoyed by the upper classes.

Where can I find bowling alleys in London?

All over the place. Even for all the game’s popularity, you’d be surprised how many venues have space dedicated to the art of rolling heavy balls at pins. The nature of bowling alleys has changed, too.

There are still your classic examples of spacious, kid-friendly venues with loads of lanes, arcade games and tinged with a liberal dose of Americana. You’ll typically be able to grab some grub in between games too.

A little more specialist but no less family-friendly is The Base. This Wembley bowling spot is famed for its flame-grilled burgers and American-inspired desserts. Sip on a delicious milkshake and tuck into waffles soaked in syrup after you’ve finished practicing your strike celebrations, then head for the pool tables.

Where’s the best place to have a beer while I bowl?

Beer and bowling – the perfect combination for many. London has more than its fair share of bowling alleys that serve alcohol, so you’re spoiled for choice. If you really want to make a night of it with your friends, check out Lava Lanes. As well as a few games of bowling, you can savour a carefully crafted cocktail, expertly served up by the staff.

What is a ten-pin strike in bowling, and how can I learn to do it?

A strike is when you knock down all ten pins in one single bowl, not only netting yourself ten points but also doubling your score on the next round.

You might well manage a few strikes through sheer luck if you tend to consistently hit the pins, but you won’t be able to do it reliably without a lot of practice and some keen strategy.

To knock all ten pins down, hit the front pin at a slight angle so that the ball also ploughs through into the three pins at the back, known as the pocket. To get that angle, you need to learn to put spin on the ball to bowl what the pros call a ‘hook’.

This video from NHK World TV might help, but you’ll also need to practice and persevere!