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Automotive in Brighton: things to know before you go

We look at the latest questions being asked about driving and automotive deals in Brighton and provide some answers.

Where can I get my MOT done in Brighton?

There are many places across Brighton to get your MOT. You can search for a local MOT centre on UK MOT. Setyres offers a handy vehicle check together with their MOT service, while family-run R J Engineering provides full service checks including an oil filter change with their MOT.

This annual test is a legal requirement in the UK and ensures that your car meets current safety standards. MOT centres must test brakes, lights, fuel emissions, seatbelts and wipers amongst many other checks, but not engine condition, clutch or gearbox. Speak to your garage if you require additional service checks above the standard MOT.

When can my kids learn to drive in Brighton?

Kids can apply for provisional licences from the age of 15 years and nine months, ready to begin learning to drive a moped at 16, and a car at 17. Driving lessons can be a great step towards independence. Give your children a head start from the age of 10 with the team at Young Driver, which offers lessons in everything from road safety to controlling a vehicle. You can also search for qualified instructors approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to find suitable driving schools in Brighton.

How do I prepare my car for winter?

Winter conditions can be tough on cars, especially with snowy weather, icy roads and freezing temperatures. Take a look at our suggestions on getting your car ready for winter.

  • Get a winter service. Don't leave your car service to the last minute. After all, you don't want your car to let you down when you need it most.
  • Check your tyres. Good condition tyres are essential when steering and braking, so check yours are up to scratch. 1.6mm tread is the legal minimum, but 3mm depth will give you better grip on the road in bad weather.
  • Clean your lights. Visibility can be poor when the weather turns, so make sure all your lights are clean and working. Replace any broken bulbs, and don't forget to check the full beam and fog lights.
  • Renew breakdown cover. Don’t get caught out in a breakdown situation before you’ve had a chance to renew your cover. Make sure you have breakdown cover in place just in case.

Do you need a driving licence for a driving experience?

Many driving experiences take place in controlled areas, not public highways, so offer learners the chance to drive a car without a licence. They even accept drivers as young as 10 – providing they can reach the pedals of course and are accompanied by an adult. There may be some restrictions, so it's always best to check the FAQs before you book and consider the optional liability insurance to cover you if any damage is caused to the cars.