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Restaurants in Dundee

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Restaurants in Dundee: things to know before you go

Dundee is famous for a number of things. One of them is as the home of Desperate Dan, which unfortunately doesn’t do a huge amount for its food (there aren’t as many cow pies on menus as you might think). Another is as a port. A third is simply as a cool city (ask GQ or the Wall Street Journal). Both those things have impacted the city’s excellent food culture – so you’re sure to find a restaurant to tickle your taste buds near you. Find out more in our guide to restaurants in Dundee.

Which are the best restaurants in Dundee?

For such a small town Dundee has a lot of top quality restaurants. Here are three that are highly rated by locals, critics or both:

  • Brasserie Ecosse is a favourite of Groupon users. This French restaurant in Dundee city centre is a short walk away from the Caird Hall and serves a mix of French and Asian cuisine in a lovely, intimate space.
  • Castlehill is a front-runner for the city’s first Michelin star. It brings together locally sourced ingredients such as Perthshire pork, Angus lamb and Shetland scallops with even more locally sourced foraged herbs and mushrooms into an excellent tasting menu.
  • Metro Brasserie has a more approachable bar menu than Castlehill but will still make you feel like you’re eating in style thanks to the restaurant’s air of sophistication.

What’s the best restaurant in Dundee for a budget dinner?

While Dundee is a city with some great fine dining, there’s more than enough room for some budget eats to go alongside them. Here are three of the top restaurants in town for a good, affordable feed:

  • Shehzad Tandoori is, as the name gives away, an Indian restaurant in Dundee serving a delicious array of curries and meats from the grill.
  • Jute Café Bar is at its best in summer, when the dining spills out into a bright courtyard. It offers a great mix of Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine and sandwiches all year round.
  • Agacan Kebab House is a great little Turkish spot that, despite its affordable menu and relaxed (if eccentric) café vibe, you might want to book ahead for. It’s well worth the effort though!

What are some traditional Scottish foods?

While Scottish food shares a lot in common with British cuisine, its natural supply of its own game, fish, fruit, veg and dairy products has, nonetheless, given it its own set of national dishes. Here are some of the traditional Scottish foods you might find on British restaurant menus in Dundee:

  • Powsowdie. A broth or soup made from a sheep’s head.
  • Porridge. A traditional breakfast food typically made with oats and water or milk.
  • Finnan haddie. Cold-smoked haddock, local to north-east Scotland.
  • Scotch Broth. A comforting soup made with lamb or beef, root vegetables and barley.
  • Haggis. Sheep offal mixed with onion, oatmeal and suet, traditionally cased in sheep stomach.

What sort of food do you get in French cooking?

For years French cooking dominated what was considered to be fine dining. The world of posh nosh has opened up somewhat in recent years, but French cuisine still exerts a powerful influence over the world of food.

The dishes are about building layers of flavour, with each technique used to enhance the dish. It’s about complementing the main ingredient rather than letting it disappear into the mix.

Dishes are often rich and indulgent, involving cream, wine and herbs, though they can be much simpler. It’s a way of cooking that goes well with the relaxed, pleasurable way many French people like to enjoy their meal at the end of the day.