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Gyms in Glasgow: what to know before you go

All the most important questions on keeping fit and gyms in Glasgow - answered!

Which are the best value gyms in Glasgow?

Whether you're hunting for a local gym in the city centre or further afield, there are many excellent establishments ready to guide you to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Village Gyms offers deals on passes, so you can make the most of their state-of-the-art cardio equipment, heated swimming pool, spa facilities and over 100 exercise classes.

Fit Strong Females in Glasgow city centre has membership deals to get you on the road to fitness with a bespoke programme of personal training and nutritional plan.

What do I need to take to the gym?

If you're a gym newbie, then you're probably wondering what you need for your first workout. Here’s a few essentials to pick up before heading to the gym in Glasgow:

  1. Gym bag. A must for keeping all your things together, including towel and a change of clothes should you want to shower after your workout.
  2. Comfortable clothing. Choose sportswear that suits your chosen activity and is comfy enough to allow you to exercise easily.
  3. Suitable footwear. You need to be stable for workouts and classes, so make sure your old trainers don't let you down. Choose something supportive.
  4. Water bottle. There may be refreshments in vending machines at the gym, but a bottle of water is perfect for taking into fitness classes and long workout sessions.
  5. Fitness app. A great way to measure your progress and follow your personal progress over time.

What are the most popular fitness classes?

There are many modern classes that are designed to help you have fun and get in shape, and great deals on classes and gyms to be had. Whether you want to train for a local marathon, or just maintain your fitness levels, we look at some of the most popular classes.

  • Yoga. Work to strengthen your whole body, improving flexibility and wellbeing.
  • Pilates. Improve posture and work deep core with slow controlled movements.
  • Barre. Shape and tone using movements in this ballet-inspired cardio workout.
  • Aqua Aerobics. Do your toning in the pool with this low-impact exercise.
  • Zumba. Fun energetic fitness class set to Latin American dance music.
  • Indoor cycling. Experience a full road cycling workout indoors.

How do I prepare for a yoga class?

To get the most out of your yoga class, it is worth considering a few preparations beforehand.

  • Bring a yoga mat. Some places provide mats, but it's a good idea to get your own, especially if you're going to get sweaty.
  • Remember a towel. Lay your towel over your mat in a hot yoga class to absorb moisture - and ensure postures are practised safely.
  • Comfortable clothing. Choose clothing that allows you to move and stretch easily.
  • Bottle of water. Staying hydrated will keep your body and mind working well together.