Have a game of golf in Leicester for less with Groupon's exclusive leisure vouchers. Golf is a thrilling and exciting sport, which you can enjoy by yourself or with others. Now you can spend less than you expected with our brilliant new vouchers. Leicester has numerous golf ranges, so it will be easy to find a participating range. To receive your discount on golf in Leicester, all you have to do is show this coupon to the manager of the golf range and you will feel amazing for having saved so much money. Leisure offers like these are few and far between, so do not delay and play golf today!

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Do you want to go for a game of golf in Leicester for less? Well now you can with Groupon's new vouchers. We all know golf is a great sport which allows you to demonstrate your many sporting skills, so play a game of golf in Leicester for less with these vouchers. Leicester has many golf ranges, so a participating range will not be far from you. Leisure offers like these are very rare so do not delay and go golfing as soon as possible. Playing golf could not be easier or cheaper thanks to our coupons.

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Possessing some of the most well-presented Golf Courses in the United Kingdom, Leicester has a lot to offer when it comes to budget Golf. Just outside the thriving city centre you will find an array of different clubs and courses to choose from. With great transport facilities it is easier than ever to locate courses in the surrounding area. If you want to perfect your swing, socialise, join an academy or just tee off for fun, there is room for everyone no matter what your experience. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or professional Golfer you can enjoy a day out with this great deal. Golf is an expensive sport to start, with buying the correct equipment, club memberships and lessons every voucher could come in handy!

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Groupon is currently offering fantastically cheap offers for Golf in Leicester. You will never regret Leisure offers like this one, it is incredibly simple to achieve, too! All you need to do is select the coupon and you'll be getting discounts right away! Never before has it been easier to gain such great savings so effortlessly. Leicester City Council are also promoting driving ranges and courses just 5 miles from the heart of the city, so skip on over and check out all of the great deals in your area!

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