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Gyms in Liverpool

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The Liverpool landscape has plenty of hills and hikes to keep joggers occupied, but if you fancy a change there are plenty of great fitness centres to keep you in shape. Whether you want a personal trainer to keep you motivated or are looking to make new friends at a fitness class, we’ve got a selection of vouchers for Liverpool gyms near you to try.

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Gyms in Liverpool: things to know before you go

All the latest questions asked about keeping fit and gyms in Liverpool - answered!

How do I find a good gym in Liverpool?

Follow our handy hints and tips to find some great fitness centres and gyms in the city centre, or further afield. Here’s how to start your search:

  • Decide your goals. Want to swim lengths like Phelps, or get boxing clever with bruising punch bag routines? Choose what you want to try out or what you need to work on.
  • Ask a friend. If you have any mates who are into a good fitness routine, find out where they go. You can also ask for recommendations on social media.
  • Visit the shortlist. Once you've narrowed down your options, check them out. Take a good look at the gym’s facilities, equipment and class timetables to see if they meet your needs.

What equipment will I find in Liverpool gyms?

It depends where you’re going. Gyms generally have a variety of equipment for cardio, strength training and endurance, but specialist workouts may require a more focused approach. Here’s what you can expect to find at your everyday fitness facility:

  • Rowing machines. Perfect for an upper body workout, rowing machines work your back, arms and legs simultaneously.
  • Treadmills. Get a full-body cardio workout in one spot and save yourself from the great British weather.
  • Ski machines. Simulate the sweep of the slopes with this great cardio builder. Exercise arms and legs together – ski goggles are optional but not recommended.
  • Barbell bench press. Perfect for building upper body strength and improving tone in arm and shoulder muscles – make sure there’s someone there to spot you.

What martial arts can I learn in Liverpool?

You have much to learn, grasshopper – let us show you the way, with a look at the most popular styles of martial arts. Check out what’s on offer in Liverpool if you fancy practising your crane kicks:

  • Karate. Focused on providing self-defence (using an ‘empty hand’ – the translation of karate), this Japanese martial art places great importance on respect, strength of mind and discipline.
  • Taekwondo. Best known for powerful kicks, this Korean fighting form emphasises power and personal strength, and in particular mental focus.
  • Jujitsu. An ancient Japanese martial art of close combat that works on the principle of using the opponents’ energy to your own advantage.
  • Aikido. A more modern Japanese martial art form, focused on redirecting force to weaken your opponent in order to defend yourself.

What are the best gyms in Liverpool?

Whether you want to take classes, go swimming or use equipment to work out, there are lots of gyms in Liverpool to suit your needs.

You might fancy trying No Limits Gym or Everton Park Gym in Liverpool for a fitness boost. Alternatively, check out the variety of fitness classes on offer at Gym Monkeys, stretch into hot yoga classes with Yoga Hub Liverpool or fusion-yoga classes with Star Webb.

For some great facilities and ideal introductory offers, try a 6-month membership with Radisson Blu Liverpool, or a gym, swim and fitness pass at Village Gym – and look forward to achieving a healthy mind and body.