Groupon's restaurant coupons now include massive savings at any participating cafe in Oxford! If you're a cafe fan, then you will absolutely love the chance to save up to 70% on the cost of a visit to a cafe in Oxford with our coupons! A trip to an Oxford cafe is a just what you need if you don't fancy cooking for yourself, but also don't want the full restaurant experience. Our coupons are great if you're out around town and want to stop at a participating cafe in Oxford for a quick lunch or snack.

Refuel and recharge at an Oxford cafe for less

Whether you are just stopping for a quick cup of tea or coffee or you are sitting down to a delicious fry up you can save all the same with our coupons. Groupon's coupons are accepted at a wide range of cafes so grab our coupons and head on down to any participating cafe in Oxford to save up to 70%! They're great for both tourists and locals - tourists can pop into a participating cafe in Oxford for a quick refuel while enjoying the city and locals who could do with a break stand to benefit all the same! This is a great offer for builders and day labourers working in Oxford. Now you can pop into a participating cafe in Oxford for a meal and a cup of tea on your break and save while doing so!  

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