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Plastic Surgery in London

Discover great Plastic Surgery deals near you


Once a preserve of the rich and famous, plastic surgery has become an affordable and popular option for tweaking those little imperfections. Walk in the shoes of Hollywood’s great and good and feel like the best version of yourself with plastic surgery. Whether you want to remove a wart, reduce fine lines or reshape your nose, the wide variety of plastic surgery vouchers in London will give you just what you need to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

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Removal of One or Four Moles, Skin Tags, Warts or Milk Spots in One Session at My Body Centre
Mole, Skin Tag or Wart Removal
Hemel Hempstead 21.6 km
from £29.00
Up to Three Sessions of Laser Tattoo Removal at Grace Tattoo London
Laser Tattoo Removal
Acton 6.9 km
from £19.00
HIFU Skin Tightening Facial at Luxury Beauty and Spa
HIFU Facial
Archway 3.8 km
Face or Leg Laser Thread Vein Treatment on One, Two or Four Small Areas at Moda Donna Beauty Clinic (Up to 79% Off)
Laser Thread Vein Treatment
Moda Donna Beauty Clinics 4.9 km
£120.00 from £39.00
67% discount_off
Eyelid, Under-Eye, Both or Full-Face Fibroblast Treatment at Ashtones Beauty Box (Up to 84% Off)
Eyelid or Under-Eye Fibroblast
London 4.3 km
£250.00 from £45.00
40+ bought
82% discount_off
Fibroblast Treatment on One or Two Areas at Moda Donna Beauty Clinic (Up to 84% Off)
Fibroblast Treatment
Moda Donna Beauty Clinics 4.9 km
£299.00 from £55.00
81% discount_off
Laser Tattoo Removal: Four (from £69) or Six (from £89) Sessions at Demzines Tattoo Studio (Up to 89% Off)
Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions
London 6.7 km
£500.00 from £69.00
86% discount_off
Face or Leg Thread Vein Treatment on One, Two or Four Areas at Beauty Aesthetics and Wellbeing Clinic (Up to 83% Off)
Face or Leg Thread Vein Treatment
Golders Green 5.2 km
£149.00 from £39.00
73% discount_off
Mole, Milia or Skin Tag Removal on One or Two Areas at Beauty Aesthetics and Wellbeing Clinic (Up to 80% Off)
Mole or Skin Tag Removal
Golders Green 5.2 km
£199.00 from £39.00
80% discount_off
Levura HIFU Skin Tightening at Total Body Care (78% Off)
Levura HIFU Skin Tightening
Pulse Pharmacy 2.6 km
£450.00 £99.00
78% discount_off
Mole, Wart, Milia or Skin Tag Removal on One or Two Areas at Esthetica Clinic (Up to 36% Off)
Mole, Wart or Skin Tag Removal
London 7.1 km
£70.00 from £49.00
30% discount_off
Three or Five Sessions of Tattoo Removal on 6" x 6" Area at Nirvana Health
Tattoo Removal
London 7.1 km
from £69.00
Mole, Wart or Skin Tag Removal on One or Two Areas at Revolution & Impression Beauty (Up to 54% Off)
Mole, Wart or Skin Tag Removal
London 7.3 km
£95.00 from £49.00
48% discount_off
Laser Tattoo Removal: Three Sessions on a 3cm x 3cm, 12cm x 12cm or 20cm x 20cm Area at London Body Centre
Laser Tattoo Removal
Desk Team, Inspiration House 8.4 km
from £39.00
Thread Vein Treatment on Up to Four Areas at All Bright Beauty Studio (Up to 70% Off)
Thread Vein Treatment
Richmond 7.4 km
£75.00 from £32.00
57% discount_off
Non-Surgical HIFU or Radio Frequency/Laser Facial Sculpting Treatment at Derma Care London (Up to 76% Off)
HIFU Facial Treatment
London 4.3 km
£150.00 from £69.00
54% discount_off
Mole, Milia or Skin Tag Removal on One or Two Areas at Beauty Aesthetics and Wellbeing Clinic (Up to 71% Off)
Mole or Skin Tag Removal
Golders Green 5.2 km
£200.00 from £59.00
70% discount_off
Skin Tag, Milia or Facial Thread Vein Removal at Beauty Outside (Up to 56% Off*)
Skin Tag or Milia Removal
Sidcup 11.4 km
£45.00 from £24.00
46% discount_off
Two or Four Thread Vein Removal Sessions at Beauty Is Yours (Up to 85% Off)
Thread Vein Removal Treatment
Beauty Is Yours 15.3 km
£340.00 from £69.00
79% discount_off
Thread Vein Treatment on Two or Four Areas at Harley Laser Specialists (Up to 50% Off)
Thread Vein Treatment
Harley Street 1.0 km
£120.00 from £69.00
42% discount_off
Non-Surgical Butt Lift Treatment at The British Aesthetic Bar (67% Off)
Non-Surgical Butt Lift Treatment (One Session)
london 6.3 km
£149.00 £49.00
67% discount_off
3-in-1 Tummy Tuck Treatment at Renova Skincare (Up to 69% Off)
3-in-1 Tummy Tuck Treatment
Romford 15.1 km
£159.00 £49.00
69% discount_off
Laser Spider Vein Treatment: Three or Six Sessions from £29 at Astute Aesthetics (Up to 80% Off)
Laser Spider Vein Treatment
Astute Aesthetics 23.2 km
£139.00 from £29.00
79% discount_off
HIFU Facial Treatment at RJ Aesthetic, Two Locations (87% Off)
HIFU Facial Treatment
Multiple Locations 9.6 km
£600.00 £79.00
86% discount_off
Dermal Filler Treatment for Nose at Smart Aesthetic (38% Off)
Dermal Filler Treatment for Nose
London 4.9 km
£320.00 £199.00
37% discount_off
Laser Tattoo Removal: Four (£89) or Six (£130) Sessions at North London Aesthetic Clinic
Laser Tattoo Removal
London 8.4 km
from £89.00
HIFU Face Lift & Skin Tightening Treatment at Virgo Aesthetics (64% Off)
HIFU Facial Treatment
London, 10.6 km
£220.00 £79.00
64% discount_off

Plastic surgery in London: things to know before you go

Plastic surgery isn’t as scary as it sounds – many of the procedures that come under its extensive banner are small and non-intrusive. Discover the answers to these commonly asked questions and put your mind at ease before you book your appointment.

When should you see a plastic surgeon?

Do you have a wart that makes you feel a little self conscious or a growing roster of wrinkles that make you feel old before your time? Plastic surgeons are experts in ironing out those little imperfections, giving you a boost in confidence and improving your sense of self along the way.

It’s not all about your physical appearance, though. Plastic surgeons are also adept at whipping off those little niggling issues, like verrucas, to give you a little bit of much needed relief.

People seek plastic surgery for all kinds of procedures. Whether it’s causing you physical, mental or emotional discomfort, or you simply fancy banishing a feature you don’t like that much, seeing a plastic surgeon could be the answer.

How painful is cosmetic surgery?

How painful cosmetic surgery is depends on the type of treatment you opt for. It’s also important to remember that recovery time will differ based on the treatment you choose – from non-invasive cosmetic procedures that allow you to be back at your desk within the hour, to more painful processes that might require a little bit of rest and recuperation. It’s a good idea to read some customer reviews on specific plastic surgery treatments in London to gage how painful a procedure may be.

What are the risks of plastic surgery?

Every type of surgery and treatment is different, and you should make sure to understand all risks associated with a procedure before you begin. The most common risks include infection, scarring, pain and discomfort and bleeding.

Whichever plastic surgery you choose, always do your research beforehand and don’t be afraid to ask the surgeon any questions or queries you may have. Don’t worry, they’ll have heard it all before, and they’ll be more than happy to put your mind at ease.

Which plastic surgery is right for me?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to what makes you feel comfortable and what you feel is best for you. Sometimes improving your health and fitness can be a great place to start before opting for surgery.

If you do want to enhance your natural features without going under the knife, check out Moda Donna Beauty Clinic, with treatments designed to tighten the skin.

Or, you could try the latest trend in fat loss with cryogenic lipolysis at Cool Body Beautec.

There’s plenty of other plastic surgeries on offer too, from tattoo removal at Demzines Tattoo Studio, to skin tag and mole removal at Elite Skin.

Whatever beauty blemish is getting you down, we have the perfect deals on plastic surgery in London to help you discover the best version of yourself.

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