As London is the capital city of the UK, it has more health and fitness centres than anywhere else in the country. Due to the variety of gyms, classes and spas available, there is a health and fitness pathway for every individual. One top-rated centre is 37 Degrees , situated by Tower Bridge. It has a gym, sauna, steam room, crèche, roof terrace and café. It has anything a fitness addict could ever need, including top-of-the-range equipment and Pilates studios. There are personalised TV screens and iPod docks next to the machines to ensure you can enjoy your own music while you work out. Gyms like 37 Degrees offer a high standard of care for their customers, helping them to use the machines and assemble personal training programmes.

Fitness classes: Why not try something new?

There are many new and exciting classes when it comes to health and fitness in London. Eden Fitness in Shepherd's Bush has over 50 classes each week. While some are well known, such as Zumba and Pilates, there are several more unusual classes on offer. Gym-goers can take part in body attack, kickboxing, dynamic yoga, pure stretch and power pump plus. Fitness classes are an ideal way to keep fit. Working out with others means higher levels of motivation and having a teacher means attendees are under professional supervision. Classes can introduce gym customers to types of fitness they would never imagine trying on their own, plus the thumping music and winding-down sessions offer a 360-degree service.

Break a sweat in London

Grange Hotels offer a wide range of equipment and training methods to get customers in shape. They have 17 hotels in and around London. Most gyms have a range of machines, including treadmills and rowing machines. Newer gyms such as Grange Hotels sometimes have resistance equipment and power plate machines to help customers lose weight and tone up. With 6 facilities conveniently located next to tube stops throughout London, you can find the right Grange location to match you work out needs.They also have a weight section for anyone wishing to bulk up their muscles and to build bone strength. London health and fitness centres like Grange Hotel will have everything any new gym bunny could need.

Hire a personal trainer and get fit

Many people choose to hire a professional when looking into health and fitness London. A personal trainer can be a great way to get an overview of fitness levels. They can help to develop a personalised exercise and healthy eating plan in order to get their clients looking good and feeling great. Customers at Ozone Health and Fitness in King's Cross will find a number of friendly and qualified staff on hand to explain how to use various machines and to help encourage and motivate gym-goers. Personal trainers can also help clients design personal fitness plans that can be put into use in between gym visits.

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