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Rainbow Fishes with Rainbow Styles

If you’re new to Sushi, are a little overwhelmed by the choices and have no idea whether to start with the cool-looking orange egg things (tobiko) or the piece that looks like bouquets of flowers, then a Sushi buffet voucher would be the best idea. If you’re a Sushi expert and already know what you want, there are vouchers suitable for you too. How does two-for-one voucher or a discount up to 70% off a meal sound? Or maybe your inner child enjoys watching the conveyor belt go round and round, with you picking off the tastiest looking Sushi dishes. Invite friends with our vouchers for a Sushi meal and if you all order a platter to share you could find it all lovingly presented on a miniature wooden bridge or a boat or maybe some other sculpture. Surf our net now and take advantage of these fantastic sushi vouchers!

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