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Dog Grooming for Small, Medium or Large Dogs at Smart Dogs

Smart Dogs


Dogs can enjoy up to four hours of grooming that includes bathing, teeth cleaning and washing using specialist shampoos

£16 £16

Dog-Walking and Pet-Sitting Professional Diploma from Online Academies (92% Off)

Online Academies

Online Deal

Students can learn about animal behaviour, transportation and illness over a 12-month period

£199.99 £16

Online Dog Grooming Course at Online Academies (90% off)

Online Academies

Online Deal

Across 12 modules participants can enhance their pet care knowledge, including dog grooming, anatomy, first aid, and business basics

£199.99 £19

Veterinary Support Assistant Course from Online Academies (88% Off)

Online Academies

Online Deal

Learn to be a Veterinary Support Assistant over the course of a year with this online course

£199.99 £24

Dog Behavior and Training Online Course with International Open Academy (95% Off)

International Open Academy

Online Deal

This online course covers topics such as dog psychology, correcting problem behaviors and making dog happy

£299 £16

One-Hour Family Photoshoot With Four Prints for £17 at Capture Photo Studio (89% Off)

Capture Photo Studio


A family of up to 15 can share the limelight with their domestic pet, producing a selection of 5” x 7” and 10” x 8” prints to cherish

£160 £17

Online Pet Adoption and Psychology Course with Holly and Hugo (89% Off)

Hugo and Holly

Online Deal

Learn about animal behaviour, reactions and natural instincts, plus find out how to prepare for and bond with a new pet

£175 £19

Online Puppy Training Course, Dog Psychology and Behaviour Course, or Both with Pet Addict (Up to 97% Off)

Pet Addict

Online Deal

Learn how to prevent common behaviour problems in puppies and dogs with a series of online lectures from this BAC-accredited institute

£299 £16

Dog Grooming Online Course from Hugo and Holly (89% Off)

Trendimi UK

Online Deal

Online content featuring videos and step-by-step guides cover the history of grooming, dog anatomy and psychology

£175 £19

£16 for an Animal Training and Pet Sitting Online Course at International Open Academy (95% Off)

International Open Academy

Online Deal

Learn to handle and train animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles and birds, and find out how to turn that knowledge into business

£299 £16

£9 for a Pet Photoshoot with Prints and a £25 Voucher at Flirt Studios (88% Off)

Flirt Studios


Pets can be photographed during this one-hour photoshoot, with an option to include family members

£75 £9

20% Off Lifetime Pet Insurance from Lifetime Pet Cover

Lifetime Pet Cover

Online Deal

Customers receive 20% off the total cost of their pet insurance

£9 £9

£10 or £20 Toward Treats and Toys

Dog Treats & Toys


Customers can treat their pets to a variety of toys, such as balls, fetching sticks and ropes, as well as a wide range of treats

£5 £5

Cat or Dog Booster Vaccine or Puppy or Kitten Vaccine Course at Easipetcare (Up to 33% Off)



Keep furry friends in top health with a booster vaccine or vaccine course, and a health check included

£15 £10

Pet Health Check-Up at The Vet, Six Locations (42% Off)

The Vet

Multiple Locations

Look after four-legged family members with a health check-up; valid at six locations

£25.99 £14.99

Animal Care Online Course with Online Academies (80% Off)

Online Academies

Online Deal

Students can learn to recognise and accommodate the needs of animals, using a 12-month access to online course content

£199.99 £39

Animal Communication Online Course from Online Academies (85% Off)

Online Acadmies

Online Deal

Students can explore the spiritual and psychological side of understanding animals, with this online diploma course

£199.99 £29

Online Pet Grooming Course by Daisyflo (88% Off)


Online Deal

Pet grooming can make for a health and hygiene booster, and participants can learn tips such as tool handling and trimming techniques

£249 £29

Online Dog Training Course for £18 with Train Your Dog Online (Up to 55% Off)

Sarah Whitehead

Online Deal

Learn how to teach your dog new tricks in a way that is designed to be kind, gentle and fun

£39.95 £18

Online Veterinary Assistant Course at Pet Addict (94% Off)

Pet Addict

Online Deal

Learn skills such as animal handling and first aid during ten modules of web content

£299 £19

Cat and Dog Nutrition Course with Pet Addict (95% Off)

Pet Addict

Online Deal

Customers can use online modules to learn about pet nutrition, and get homemade cat and dog food recipes

£299 £16

Up to £14.99 to Spend Online with Protect My Pet Towards Gift Boxes and Subscriptions (Up to 43% Off)

Protect My Pet

Online Deal

Customers can choose any pet health box or pet gift box ; All boxes are tailored specifically for cats & dogs

£6.99 £4.50

Online Animal Welfare and Careers Course with Hugo and Holly (89% Off)


Online Deal

This online course provides the students with basic knowledge on animal-related careers

£175 £19

Cat Grooming Service at Lawlor Cat Hotel (64% Off)

Lawlor Cat Hotel

Brentwood, Essex

Cat lovers can pamper their pets with a grooming service that includes claw cutting, ear and eye cleaning plus a body massage

£45 £16

Online Dog and Cat Grooming Course for £19 with Pet Addict (94% Off)

Pet Addict

Online Deal

Embark on an online course, lectured by Julie Lalou L.C.G.I, that teaches grooming basics for use on pets or in professional parlours

£299 £19