York is an ancient city, with plenty of traditional restaurants for anyone wanting good, old-fashioned comfort food. From delicious fish and chips from the local sea at Whitby, to home-cooked pub meals in front of a roaring fire, York has it all. There are hundreds of pubs open throughout the week and weekend serving traditional British food such as pies, regional favourites like Yorkshire puddings, and top draw roast dinners with all the trimmings. There are also plenty of traditional Indian and Italian restaurants in the city. One of the top rated restaurants in York is Delrio's, an Italian restaurant known for its rich risottos and fresh seafood, as well as its friendly staff and family atmosphere.

Modern Restaurants in York for Adventurous Diners

There are plenty of modern York restaurants that will suit every palate. The Evil Eye Lounge is one such restaurant; they serve food as diverse as falafel, Thai green curry, sticky Thai rice and a range of unusual cocktails, such as a 'Mexican Afterburner' with tequila and Tabasco sauce. There are also many other modern restaurants serving nouvelle cuisine, some of which have been credited with internationally-recognised awards. The Star Inn the City doesn't have a Michelin star yet, but its sister restaurant, The Star Inn, is a celebrated gastropub that was awarded a Michelin star in 2001. The Star Inn the City serves modern British classics with a twist.

Classic Cafés and Tearooms in York

Tearooms and cafés really are something that York excels at. This small city thrives on the tourism industry that brings in thousands of visitors every year, who love nothing more than sitting down for afternoon tea at a traditional café in a Tudor wood frame building or Edwardian style town house, while admiring the historic city walls that date back to the Romans. Expect to see fondant fancies, cupcakes and a range of different teas on offer. One of the most popular tearooms in the city is Bettys. Queues to get into the café often wind right around the building, with up to 30 people waiting to get in, making it one of the most popular eateries in the city. Its staff dress in traditional black dresses with frilly white aprons. Every element of Bettys is designed to take you back to the past.

Restaurants Close to York's Tourist Attractions

As York is filled with so many beautiful attractions, it's easy to find restaurants York that have a great view. Café Concerto lies in the shadow of York Minster and people who sit in the window can watch tourists file into the cathedral while they sip on a cappucino. It also serves up a delicious French toast. For anyone looking for something a little different, why not take tea at The Countess of York? This little café lies in the heart of York Railway Museum so you can get a great dose of history while you’re there. Customers dine in a refurbished railway carriage, which offers a truly unique experience.

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