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Adventurous Father’s Day Gifts for Thrill-Seeking Dads

6 Sep 2018

Your dad is always up for something new, he never says no, and his idea of the perfect gift falls more along the lines of heart-pounding than heartfelt. Father’s Day gifts for dads with an adventurous spirit should create memories to last a lifetime, not clutter. That’s why we’re focusing on Father’s Day activities that will leave him feeling surprise, delight, and maybe just a pinch of relief when it’s all over. Whether you’re looking to appeal to his need for speed or his dreams of flight, our guide will make finding gifts for dad a snap.

Racecar-Driving Experience

Who it’s perfect for: speed demons, Fast and the Furious superfans

Whether they’re fans of NASCAR, Mario Andretti, or just the smell of burning rubber and the sound of squealing tyres, dads will love putting the pedal to the metal. Experiences can vary, so pay attention to the type being offered. Ride-alongs let them share the car with a professional driver
who’ll hit top speeds while they enjoy the ride. Alternately, they can get in the driver’s seat and take anything from a Ferrari to a real Indy-style racecar for a few laps.


Who it’s perfect for: competitive types, sharpshooters

His last paintball party might have been in the sixth grade, but a trip to the paintball park today is sure bring back warm memories and reinvigorate Dad’s youthful, cutthroat spirit. Many arenas are creating more unique and elaborate fields and games inspired by everything from zombies toCall of Duty. They’re also incorporating cool-looking airsoft guns to provide an alternative to paint-splattered matches. He’s sure to have fun, whatever his strategy may be.

Flight Lesson

Who it’s perfect for: wannabe pilots, the guy who knows (almost) everything

The only thing better than cruising over 600 metres in the air is being the guy behind the controls. Flight lessons give dads the chance to do just that (with supervision, of course). For most lessons, after an hour or two in the classroom, students will hop in a plane similar to a Cessna 172 for about a 30- to 60-minute flight. The instructor generally handles the controls for take-off and landing. (Check out our beginner’s guide to flight lessons for more details.)


Who it’s perfect for: daredevils, thrill seekers

Once Dad knows how to fly the plane, it’s time for the logical next step: jumping out of it. A favourite pastime among adrenaline junkies, skydiving is the ultimate experience for any adventurous spirit. Don’t worry if he’s never done anything quite so extreme. As long as he knows what to expect, he’ll have a blast.