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Going For a Run? There’s an App for That

BY: Laura Fountain | 12 Nov 2015

Whether you want to measure it, record it, make it more fun or get faster, running apps can help you out. Here’s a few of my favourites to get you started.

NHS C25K - Free

If you’re just starting out running, or thinking about giving it a go, the NHS Couch to 5k will get you going in the right direction. It has helped thousands of people take their first steps towards becoming a runner and enjoying it.

Endomondo - Free

Pretty soon you’ll be off on your own steam, running wild and free. If you want to track where you’ve run, there’s several apps for that. Endomondo will map out your run, talk to you as you go (if you plug in your headphones) to tell you how far you’ve gone and allow you to analyse your pace and various other stats once you’ve finished.

Strava - Free

This does everything that Endomondo does, but with added features allowing for a bit of friendly competition with friends (and strangers). Users can set ‘segments’ and if you happen to run along a segment, your time will be compared to everyone else who has run it. You’ll be placed on a leaderboard and, if you’re the fastest, you’ll be crowned the course record holder.

McRun - £2.99

This has nothing to do with burgers. Named after the running coach Greg McMillan who created it, McRun can help you get the most out of your run training. Put in a PB for any given race and it will tell you what time you could reasonably expect to get in other race distances and the appropriate training paces to help you get there.

Zombies, Run! - £2.49

Need a bit more excitement in your run? This app will make you run faster by making you think you’re being chased by zombies. They may not be renowned for moving very quickly, but the game within this app reinvents the zombie running speed to have them growling behind you should you slow down.

NTC - Free

Going out for a run isn’t the only training that runners should be doing. If you want to get faster, run further or make yourself less prone to injuries, adding a bit of strength and conditioning into your weekly routine can help. The Nike Training Club app gives you workouts you can follow at home or in the gym. Occasionally you’ll also get bonus workouts put together by some of Nike’s top runners such as Paula Radcliffe.


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BY: Laura Fountain