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Best Things to do in London

19 Aug 2014
Best Things to do in London

Groupon is about to award restaurants and merchants all over the world with 'Local Stars' for being the very best in their locality. All this talk of recognising the best in town inspired me to ask the bloggers who write for City Guide to give their personal recommendations for the best things to do in London. In no particular order...

Stroll Along Southbank

Walk along the Southbank to Borough Market, eat some food and carry on as far along the Thames path as your legs will take you.” - Laura Fountain @ Lazy Girl Running


Visit Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

If there's one thing I like doing it's drinking a cup of tea and stroking a cat. It turns out lots of people are like this, which is why Lady Dinah's opened. I don't have a cat but I can pop down the cafe and feel what it would be like to be turning 50 with only feline forms of company. And that's pretty good.” - Julie Pallot @ Art Sleuth

Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium

Image courtesy of Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, 152-154 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London E26DG

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Excercise in Hyde Park

Go here to run, cycle or swim. Or just chill out in a deck chair.” - Laura Fountain @ Lazy Girl Running


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Spend a Day in the Olympic Park and Hackney Wick

Enjoy the juxtaposition of a nice walk around the gleamingly new and shiny Olympic park with the urban trendyness of Hackney Wick-upon-canal for a beer and a pizza after at the Crate Brewery” - Julie Pallot @ Art Sleuth

crate pizza

Image courtesy of Crate Brewery, The White Building, Unit 7, Queen's Yard, London E9 5EN

Take a River Boat Cruise

Take the river boat from Greenwich down to Putney” - Laura Fountain @ Lazy Girl Running

River Cruise

Image courtesy of Transport for London

Experience Destruction Derby at the Wimbledon Dog Track

Want good wholesome outdoor fun? Come rain or shine go watch some National Bangers Big Vans at the Destruction Derby. Drink beer, eat pie and watch a pile up with an ice cream van, three post vans and a Winnebago. You'll feel all wholesome again.- Julie Pallot @ Art Sleuth


Header image courtesy of Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.