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Introducing Sarah Tarmaster

BY: Emma Toner | 18 Feb 2014
Introducing Sarah Tarmaster

Who is Sarah Tarmaster?

I write the blog North West Nosh and have been eating out in Manchester for the last 13 years. My blog is a diary of the things I put in her mouth and it covers restaurants, producers and my own recipes. You can find me on Twitter @northwestnosh or on Instagram @northwestnosh and Facebook.

What are you credentials for writing a food blog?

I've been eating food for the past 31 years and I can string a sentence together (just). 

How did you get into blogging?

I'm far too British to complain fully in restaurants, so I started to blog as a vent to my incessant moaning.

Would you like your blog to be your full time job?

Yes, who wouldn't want to be paid to eat and write? But I'd obviously complain about it if I was. 

Tell us something about your city people usually don’t know?

There are no statues dedicated to the strong female dignitaries in the city, despite it being the birthplace of both the RSPB and the Suffrage Movement.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Knitting, history programmes and Birds' custard (cold) with sprinkles on - preferably all at the same time.

Where's your secret place in Manchester?

I'm not telling you. It's 12 steps away from the sickly tree in front of a yellow shop. Find me there most weekends, buy me a coffee and we'll be friends for life.

How do you like your coffee and where would you get the best one in Manchester?

Black and strong. The Ancoats Roastary roast all their own beans in the city and they're some of the best out there - the flavours are so clear and rounded. If you're too lazy to make your own then pop to North Tea Power.

You organise a dinner with 3 celebrities, who and why?

Emmaline Pankhurst - the leader of the Suffrage Movement, I'd like to talk to her about how equal she thinks our society is and how far we still have to go. 

Brian Blessed - not just an actor but an adventurer who has scaled Everest three times and is the oldest person to nearly reach the top without oxygen (he turned back to save someone's life) . He'd have some amazing stories to tell and THAT voice. 

Dr Lucy Worsley - because she knows all the best bits of history like what underwear people wore in 1766 and how one ate in 1052.

What's your worst vice?

I can't mention most of them, but I swear like a navvy.  

What do you love and hate the most about your city?

Love - the creativity, the friendliness, the history. 

Hate - the rain, the awful chains passing themselves off as good places to eat, the crap transport systems.

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